So What Do You Think

A woman I work with (she works for one of my clients) chats to me occasionally about what’s going on in her life. Her daughter was recently diagnosed with ADD and we’ve been chatting a little about what I’ve been through. She’s roughly my age, divorced, and since we’re both single we commiserate occasionally!
She told me recently that she has a much younger guy (whom she had a little fling with) who phones and calls and keeps wanting to “hook up” again… if you know what I mean! She asked if I had any idea how to put him off. Here’s a kind of summary of what I said:
First of all- if he calls you- answer immediately, and if he leaves you a voice message- call him back! If he sends you a text message- text him back twice! Same for emails- send lots of jokes and cute chain letters. If you don’t hear from him- don’t breathe a sigh of relief- call him! Call him lots and leave long voice messages whining about him not calling you! Then when he eventually stops calling you (which I’m pretty sure he’ll do)- you leave another message telling him he’s been a complete asshole and you never want to hear from him again!
And do NOT- under any circumstances- use the words “I LOVE YOU”… not even in a joke.
She seemed to think I’d done this before… which I haven’t! honestly- I’ve never had a guy “chase” me like that. Men’s brains just work differently… So what do you think guys- would this put you off?

4 thoughts on “So What Do You Think

  1. Have to agree with you on this one!! Good advice and we should teach it to our daughters!!! My other half reckons the best way to make a woman mad, is to ignore her. So I reckon the reverse should work well on men.

  2. I hear jj on this one … took me nearly 8 years to realize it wasn’t working as a ‘how to keep this man’ approach in my younger years!! what a lag – good advice!!!

  3. Reverse psychology. Classic. Excellent buzz off advice girlie! Sadly, this is exactly what I do when I’m trying to KEEP my man. Oh when will she ever learn the rules…

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