Happy Birthday Dude!

Today is Madiba’s 88th birthday! Its also his 8th anniversary with Graca. You know, there are few people on this planet who are as liked and respected as he is- and usually not while they’re still alive!
And unlike most people who are constantly in the public eye- you never hear anything bad about him, there’s never anything in the tabloids about something stupid he’s said (unlike the newest Dubbya scandal)- and it would seem that the money he collects for his children’s charities… actually goes to those charities!
I think he’s cool- he has a style all his own and I honestly wish him another 88 years on the planet- I think our world needs more people like him!

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Dude!

  1. Eternally Curious says:

    Absolutely concur. We truly need more (lots more) like him.

  2. Display Name says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  3. BUDDESS says:

    Have to ditto you and Spookie!!! If all the other people(for lack of better word)who are making such a spectable of themselves would only aspire to be half the man that Madiba is, things will go so much better in our country. Very happy birthday to Mr Style from me.

  4. Spookie the Warrior says:

    HERE HERE!!! Happy Birthday Madiba!! You truly are a shining example of what a good leader is.