Okay Blogland- Lets See If You’ve Been Concentrating…

For the longest time now, I’ve been keeping a secret- for personal security reasons because I’m such a neurotic paranoid prat (and not always only with things Damien-related). I am so terrified of being “traced” via all my many internet accounts and links that I give out next to no personal information if I can help it (‘coz I watch too much TV you know). So while I will not change my blogging style as such- and the people I speak about will keep their little monikers- letting the cat out of the bag will make things a little easier in general…
Brace yourselves… the secret is this:
I am related to two of the “Dark Continent Bloggers” listed in my sidebar!
The, um… problem… has been that because of our agreement*, it’s almost become a race between the three of us to see who can post what first- because if one of us posts it the other can’t- at least not in as much detail as the one who’s already posted! And since our family is as close as it is, it gets rather tricky when it comes to things like birthdays and Christmas and special occasions and so on…
So can you guess which two they are? And those of my readers with an “unfair” advantage- bestest fwend, I’m talking to you- no telling… y‘hear! Post a comment with your guess- and in a few days I’ll tell you who got it right (probably on Monday ‘coz this is going to be a hectic weekend- AGAIN)…
*since I imposed my rules on these same people (with perfectly legitimate justifications of course), I feel it only fair to carry the “blame” for keeping y’all in the dark.

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4 thoughts on “Okay Blogland- Lets See If You’ve Been Concentrating…”

  1. ww: sorry dude… better luck next time!

    dawn: so spookie’s competition was a dead give away was it… CONGRATULATIONS! you are now OFFICIALLY the best BLOGGERvestigator in blogland!

    debs: do you have any idea how long it took me to work out what “shug” was! mwaaaaahahahahaha!

  2. hey angel, thx for stopping by shug – glad you like my updates on the show

    i have absolutely no idea, so at least i can’t be wrong – LOL

  3. OH MY GAWD YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME – SPOOKIE’S HUNT HAS ALMOST WIPED ME OUT – MY FINAL ANSWER THERE WAS NATHAN’S DAD AND YOU, SO IT WOULD HAVE TO BE NATHAN’S DAD AND SPOOKIE … So I am either gonna look like a real doos on Monday or perhaps I should change directions and become a P.I.

  4. Not knowin’ many of you Afrikaaners, I’d guess the ones I do know…Kyk and, well, just a shot in the dark, new mom?

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