Snippet Of A Conversation At Home

Brace yourselves…

Damien: Hey cool- I have purple and green balls!
Me: Mwaaaaaahahahahahahaha…
Damien: Mommy man… I only had blue and gold ones before…
Damien: Mommyyyyyyy! Stop it now- you don’t understand! Ag man!

I just couldn’t help myself! Okay- to be fair to Damien, here’s an explanation.
My Bestest Best Fwend was here visiting me and Damien was playing Dragonball Z on PS2 with the earphones while we played laptop-laptop (as mommy darling likes to say). He piped up with the purple balls thing and Fwend and I both collapsed on our respective couches in fits of laughter- within seconds I had given myself a headache! His second comment about the blue and gold balls of course sent us even further into hysteria and it was several minutes before we could talk!
Apparently- the awards on the PS2 game he was playing are blue, purple, gold, green and other coloured dragon balls- they look a bit like key rings- and each dragon ball has a different ability attached to it!
Of course Fwend and I got several minutes more ragging out of Damien’s little faux-pas, much to his good natured embarrassment… and Fwend said she’d be sure to check on her boys when she got home!

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  1. angel says:

    allan: giggle… MWA!

  2. Allan says:

    No comments? Let’s fix that!