What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Done For Your Child?

I think that maybe- this weekend- I have reached the very edge of the limits of weird…
Damien and I have been through some strange stuff, I admit, and a lot of it is simply regular teenage parenting stuff… but some of it isn’t!
This weekend- I made a deal with Damien- that if he would stop wearing the upside down cross he has taken a shine to in order to piss me off, then I would buy him some black nail polish and nail polish remover (and then he would stop using permanent marker to colour them in) a’la the Goth style of dressing!
He agreed immediately and removed the cross…

But I draw the line at black eyeliner though (pun intended) a’la “Green Day”… amongst others!

16 thoughts on “What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Done For Your Child?

  1. What is it with the 14-16 y.olds and black or goth? My daughter is muchly into the punk/goth scene and is JUST NOW starting to like brighter colors like.. blood red? LOL. Oh well, in my day it was KISS and Alice Cooper.. what will it be next? I think you struck a fair bargain and are doing great! Kids need the room for self expression in a safe environment.. and it’s obvious your son has that!

  2. buddess: you would absolutely NOT be a weird parent (i don’t think there is such a thing)! i take damien’s away if he downloads when he’s s’posed to be doing homework or something, in fact- anything he does that’s not “within the rules” as such can warrant a phone confiscation!
    as for “scab” in egoli… i wish it was that easy- but damien’s been “into” the semi-goth look for much longer than scab’s been around, and we don’t watch egoli!!

  3. Good on you!!! We have a horde of teenagers from 13 to 16 and luckily they haven’t reached the goth look yet. They all bear belly and tongue rings… that was the furthest we would allow them to go. The fact that they are on their cellphones 24-7 is bad enough. Would it be being a weird parent if I confiscate the darn phones?????

    As for the “Goth look”, I think the “Scab” character in Egoli has a lot to do with it….

  4. oh my goodness! this was pre-caffeine people! you are indeed “right” gail, not “tight”… and i meant to say 6 of one and half a dozen of the other!

    nmotb: i’ll be sure and tell him you said so!

    spookie: yup… so far so good!

    gail: the music is “eros ramazotti”- i loaded the video in my page footer. i love his music- and he is just such a dish too!

  5. Hey Angel, I am “right ” not “tight” LOL.After all I am the one who pays for Rowan’s expensive taste now!!!

    BTW what’s the great music???

  6. Aw you are so cool! can i hve some black nail polish too? :-). D just doesn’t know how lucky he is to have a mom like you!!!!

  7. i was actually wondering… if i’m letting him wear nail polish- then why won’t i let him wear eyeliner? isn’t it 5 of one and half a dozen of the other?!?!? insert mad cackling here

  8. dawn: i’m a greenday fan too!

    ww: damien’s not so much goth as just “into black”… KWIM? he likes his metal & rock, not goth music and he doesn’t do the whole black hair & lipstick thing.

    gail: i also remember doing the “black thing” and for me it was also metallica, motley crue, iron maiden, acdc, guns & roses… i still listen to most of them! and you’re SO tight- it was a lot cheaper!

  9. Been there and done the “black thing” Angel. With us it was all things Metallica. Gross skulls etc. Now having just turned 22, its Ralph Lauren shirts and Versace. I wish it was back to the black. It was much cheaper!!!

    Thanks for visiting me!1

  10. Hiya Angel…

    My 14-year-old guy isn’t into the goth thing…yet.

    Sounds like a good trade-off between you and Damien…letting him express himself the way he wants to, but setting a limit on what’s unacceptable to you.

    He’ll appreciate your reasoning with him later on, when he has to start doing it himself independently.

  11. sounds fair to me – teenagers – possibly the hardest thing to understand out of all the mysteries of the universe. you know what an awesome mom i think you are. got to admit to being a greenday fan myself. xxooxx

  12. tart: i’ve always been a fan of black myself… love your blog too!

    male: thanx for the compliment- come back and visit sometime!

    nathan’s dad: at this point i think he’s still learning who he is… and i think he gets ample attention from all in his family! and its not as if you have nothing on your plate bru!
    love you!

  13. I’m clueless and need to spend more time with the dude and learn who he is. I don’t nearly give him the attention he should get from me.

    I don’t see that side of him.

    Lets remedy this


  14. A single mom for 15 years 116 days and 20 hours and 12 minutes – you done one awesome job. You got no one to tell you that you made a bad decision.

    Your 15 year old is still under you roof and caring protective wing – that says something. I would have killded for some kind of trade off like that in my day.

    He will respect you for it.

    Keep the insperation going for all the non comenting single trudgers out there.


  15. You are a trooper! I can’t even image how I would deal with this.
    Sounds like you struck a fair deal. ; )

    Hmm, black polish … my toes have been pretty dull lately … gotta go buy some black polish!

    Hang there! Luv your blog!
    The Tart
    ; )

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