Any Given Thursday

Hello all you happy people!
I will again be playing “I Hate Thursdays” this week, and as with the last “I hate Thursdays” post, you can leave an anonymous comment on Thursday’s post (not today dahlinks) and say whatever you like, be it something you’d never say out loud or never blog about… or simply moaning about the cow slash jerk who cut you off in traffic on Thursday morning…
This Thursday will have a bit of a twist though- if you’d like to, you can send me a “guest post” by Wednesday that I will then post anonymously on my blog- so if you can’t whine about your MIL or your husband on your own page- you can do it anonymously on mine… on a Thursday!
There’s an email link in my sidebar.
And just so as to reassure you- I will make no reference or link whatsoever as to who mailed me and/or whose rant it is, and as soon as I’ve copied and posted your rant I will delete your email so that I have no record of it either.
Ready… Steady… GO!

4 thoughts on “Any Given Thursday

  1. Good idea!!! I am looking forward to Thursday now!!

    Hey – you checking me out, while I’m here visiting you!!! How cool is that!!

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