VERY Confusing!

Tomorrow is Women’s Day here in South Africa. It’s a public holiday too- so midweek sleep in- here we come!
The confusing part is that today felt so much like a Friday I wanted to go to Purgatorian’s site periodically to see what the weekend’s Flash Fiction Friday project would be!
And the highway was a pleasure this morning- a lot of people took Monday and Tuesday off to have a five day weekend!
Damien and I are going to see Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest. On Saturday night, all the shows were sold out, so we went yesterday and bought tickets for tomorrow morning to make sure we’d be able to see it without being disappointed by full up theatres again!! Can you tell we’re excited about seeing it!?!
Before I forget- you can find more on our Women’s Day holiday here if you’d like to.

5 thoughts on “VERY Confusing!

  1. dawn: i slept till nine! and i don’t think it always was a holiday… i remember celebrating women’s day in highschool- but not before that…

    katt: you poor thing- EVERYTHING is open here by me!

  2. I hate public holidays. I was supposed to go to town yesterday, the first time in two weeks because of this weather. Of course all the vehicles are kaput because of the weather. Now I have to go today and all the shops are going to be closed so I can’t do woman’s stuff, like getting a haircut! Woman’s Day indeed!

  3. Hope you have a great time tomorrow – mid week sleep ins are the best. Thanks so much for the link. I do not recall having this holiday when I was in SA … is that possible? The first one seems to have taken place four years before I was born. Let’s hope the SUPERSHEROS bring some serious change – there is much still needed. Sweet dreams, skattie! xoxo

  4. i really shmaak this song- its my mommy darling’s favourite too!
    as for the megs… i just go down to the song and stop it before it starts playing.

  5. Hi – You must enjoy your movie with D! I love this song and heard it on the radio coming home tonight and thought I would stick it on my blog – Ha you beat me to it! I have actually removed my video for awhile – I noticed yesterday that I used 50mb in 20mins while I was answering comments in my blog! Dunno if da music has something to do with it!!!! Will see if it is any different without the music! Cause that is a shit load, I am already thru half a Gig!

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