Bloglanders- I absolutely LOVED this movie! Damien and I both thoroughly enjoyed it- brilliant! Fabulous! I don’t think ANYBODY could have pulled off the character of Captain Jack Sparrow like Johnny Depp does! The special effects are quite incredible and there were quite a few scary bits, even for me! I definitely think it deserves higher than a PG10 though! I just cannot wait for Pirates of the Caribbean Three which is due next year some time.
One thing I can’t get over is how a movie theatre is being used as a baby sitting service lately! I saw no less than three couples drop off their kids and tell them they’ll meet them outside the movie house, the kids must just send them a text message after the movie!
Good grief… or is it just me?

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11 Responses to Aaaarrrggghhhh!

  1. angel says:

    ec: oh thank goodness i’m not the only one who thinks thats wrong!

  2. Eternally Curious says:

    OMG…you just answered the question I was about to ask: how old were the kids. I mean, I can see it if the kids are a little older – say pre-teen or teen. But… booster seats??? OMG! Some folks really shouldn’t be parents, me thinks. And if they are so samll as to be in booster seats … just how the heck are they supposed to text? Or were they with an older sibling? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that’s better. It’s worse. Kids are NOT supposed to be employed as adults – watching other kids!

    Breathe in … breathe out.

    OK…rant over.

  3. angel says:

    ww: i don’t mind dropping damien off at the mall now- he’s 15- although his time is limited! but these were little kids who needed booster seats to see the movie!
    i’m going to wait for the third one then i’ll buy me a trilogy!

  4. Within Without says:

    It’s on my list for sure, Angel, and then I’ll end up buying the DVD too…

    I used to always go with my kids to the movies and still do, when they’ll allow me.

    What you describe is “creative parenting,” I guess. Harumph.

    Now it’s mostly a case of me dropping them off, letting them do their thing and picking them up again.

  5. angel says:

    katt: FREAKY! you were commenting at the same time i was!
    you can get it on DVD eventually… can’t you?

  6. angel says:

    tart: i’m WAY too paranoid to have allowed damien to be “babysat” by an oblivious movie theatre while i went shopping!

    phats: aaaw… i also wanna go to disnet world!

    spookie: oh man- what can i say- its brilliant!

    buddess: jd… you and me both girl!

  7. Katt says:

    I don’t even think I will get to see it – the nearest movie house around here is 100kms away. *sigh* I will just have to take your word for it.

  8. BUDDESS says:

    I also can’t wait to go and see it. I am a huge JD fan!!

  9. Spookie the Warrior says:

    Ag – so many people went to see this movie yesterday and I am SO jealous!! I want to go and see it – I really, really really do!!!

  10. Phats says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I don’t check the reality one as often so sorry for getting back to ya slow

    I haven’t seen this movie yet but I have been on the ride at Disney World! haha

  11. The Tart says:

    Loved the movie too!

    The movies have always been daycare centers for some. ; )

    The Tart
    ; )