I Had To Giggle

Damien’s phone is on a contract with a limited capacity so I don’t get any nasty surprises… before I confirmed his contract though, he had a pre-paid simcard to use (also so I wouldn’t get one helluva’n account that I wasn’t expecting).
When his contract went live, he gave the prepaid simcard to my nephew M, who had lost his own one… or something… Anyhoo- nephew M apparently now refuses to use it…

…because of all the calls and text messages he was getting from girls looking for Damien!
Dunno why I remembered this this morning (Sister B told me this a while ago) but it put a smile on my dial!

6 thoughts on “I Had To Giggle

  1. whatalotoffun: oh there’s lotsa pics of my darling damien in my flickr link…
    back in our day we’d spend ages on the phone with mommy & daddy darling complaining about the phone billand doing things like locking the phone!

  2. we want to see a pic. where were cell phones in our flirting days how would that of been. the only communication was a house phone.

  3. spookie: typical older brother!

    tammy: as a hotter older sister myself- i’ve never experience this personally! mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!

    dawn: heh heh… its either smile or cry!

  4. LOL, having grown up in the shadow of a much hotter older sister I can so understand M!!

  5. LOL – I remember that!! Had forgotten it till now. We now have Seans sim in Markes phone, and of course he monopolises it TOTALLY!!

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