The School Saga Continues

The promised update…
Remember last week I spoke to one of Damien’s teachers who told me he was concerned about Damien and maybe he should be in another school and so on. He also suggested a school… a private school that’s close to his current school in fact.
I eventually got hold of the educational psychologist whose number he gave me. He had spoken to her briefly about Damien, so she knew who I was- I do think I surprised her just a wee bit; I was using big words like “Modified Conners Rating Scale” and “Occupational Therapy” and “Speech Therapy” and “Independent IQ Tests” and “Monthly Psychotherapy” and “Monthly Doctors Visits With Medication Analysis” and “Private School”, specifically so that she’d understand that I do know Damien’s diagnosis and that he is being treated and that his school hassles are not new to me!
Maybe it was just my big ego getting in the way of my hearing… but she sounded surprised at how much Damien has already done since he was diagnosed NINE YEARS AGO! So many times I’ve spoken to someone new and they immediately want to diagnose Damien and suggest treatment and and and… it really frustrates the crap out of me- they jump to conclusions before you’ve even had a chance to speak!
Got a little off topic here… mini-vent… sorry.
Anyhoo, about the school- it is indeed a private high school offering remedial facilities, but its an Afrikaans school- and as bilingual as Damien is, actually learning in Afrikaans would make things that much harder for him.
Yesterday was also our monthly visit to Damien’s psych. He’s a really nice guy and I think Damien likes him too- which puts me at ease a little because maybe he’ll talk to this guy if he doesn’t want to talk to me. We spoke about Damien having hassles at school, and how- despite everything his teachers are prepared to do- its not enough. He also suggested changing schools… there’s no doubt in my mind that a small class environment would suit Damien a lot better- but I so wish “things could come right” where he is now.
There are several private schools where I live, and several Christian schools as well- the problem with the Christian schools is that most of them are not registered with the department of education, which means a qualification from them would not be recognised everywhere. The regular private schools are mostly very academically driven- and there’s where Damien battles… I doubt he’d even pass the entrance exams!! A lot of them are also hesitant to take on kids with ADD/ADHD…
So it’s back to the drawing board- trying to find the right school- and quickly because August is registration time!

10 thoughts on “The School Saga Continues

  1. nmotb: sorry tjomma- i deleted your comment ‘coz its just a wee bit more information than i like to give out…

    dawn: thanx dawn- you’re a skattie too!

    ww: hi, yes you did mention it before- and i think our parenting “styles” are quite similar…

    spookie: love you also sis!

    buddess: you’re such a honey!

  2. You make me want to come over there and give you and Damian a moerse big hug!!! Not knowing enough about ADHD, I don’t know what advice to give you. All I can say is that you are doing a stunning job. Like I said in a previous comment. Trust your instincts and the right path will open for the two of you. New on my to do list: Learn more about ADD and ADHD.

  3. Ag my sis, I am so sorry you are sukkeling like this. I am praying for you all the time – for you AND Damien and I so wish there was more that I could do. I love you very much and I think you are one helluva mommy!


  4. Hi Angel. I think I’ve told you before my 14-year-old son has ADD Inattentive Type.

    I cast a vote on your mini-poll.

    What I’ve tried to do with my son, who has a “mild” case of this but is on Ritalin, is to tell him that he has it…but that many people have many much more serious illnesses or issues than he has.

    I tell him he needs to know he has a tendency to be disorganized and needs to pay attention more.

    But I also tell him he can do absolutely anything he wants in the world because he has an unbelievably imaginative strength and personality within that can overcome anything.

    I’m not trying to make this sound maudlin or anything, and every child is different.

    But my main thing to him is to constantly give him praise for the good things he does and to reinforce what a beautiful person he is and not to label himself with this or that.

    I hope you find the best situation for Damien, a situation that will allow him to be all he can be.

  5. Good luck with this Angel ~ I too hope you find the right school. I know how important this is for both of you – and I trust that the universe will provide you with exactly what you need. THINK IT – DREAM IT – CREATE IT! Skattie. xoxo

  6. whatalotoffun: thanx for the good wishes. damien is a medicated ADHDer… which is why we have so much fun! LOL!

  7. good luck on finding a school for him. does he have a illness or what sorry to ask put i dont know the whole story.

  8. gareth: i think thats what makes me so angry most of the time dude- he has one doctor, one that we do a 100km round trip to see him once a month. he watches damien’s adhd & prescribes his meds, and damien has a psych that he sees once a month… but every school has their own set of “specialists” and they expect you to talk to them too- which i don’t mind, but they all assume this is all new to you!

    tracy: i’m sure you can!

  9. I totally relate to the “everyone trying to cure him” thing! Get’s old fast!

  10. Yeah it’s a pity that Damien was not assigned to one doctor/psychiatrist then you wouldn’t have to keep explaining things to different so called professionals 🙁

    Good luck with the new school hunt 😀

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