Another Movie Quote Qquizz

From another of my favourite movies…
And remember bunnies- no Googling, Ananzi-ing, Asking Jeeves or Yahoo!-ing…

· “Slalom, baby.”
· “Hey look at that. Dinner and a show.”
· “Let’s get something straight, ok? There’s no ‘we’. There never was a ‘we’. In fact, without ‘me’, it wouldn’t even be a ‘you’!”

So which movie are these quotes from?

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7 Responses to Another Movie Quote Qquizz

  1. angel says:

    buddess & katt: shall i wait a bit longer before putting up the answer next time?

  2. Katt says:

    *sigh* The competition is closed. I knew it was Ice Age!

  3. BUDDESS says:

    Damn, I knew that!!!!! You can see I have been busy at work. No time to stay up to date!!! There are some awesome quotes in Ice Age.

  4. angel says:

    “ICE AGE” it is indeed!
    one of my favourites… i don’t have the dvd yet!

  5. Spookie the Warrior says:

    Uuuuuhhhh – I can hear the dudes voice in my head saying “Slalom baby” I say it’s either Ice-Age or Brother Bear….
    Thats it for my guesses.

  6. whatalotoffun says:

    you got me dont know no clues. animated or what. sometimes I think that a mite be a undercover blond

  7. M says:

    oh oh oh…. I know I know…… ICE AGE