A Sibling Supper And A Floating Trophy

Sister B, Sister C, da Bruvva and I have a sibling supper around Christmas every year- usually about a month before. Because we’ve always been close, we miss not always being able to spend Christmas together- it now has to be shared with in-laws. And because our family is a big one, we only buy gifts for our significant other and for the kids- then we splurge on birthdays.
So now we get together before the time.
This is to be our fifth sibling supper, and its back at my place. We rotate in order of age you see, so every year one of us four gets to play host. The host prepares a meat dish of their choice, the next sibling “in line” provides the veggies, the next brings salad, and the previous year’s host supplies dessert. The host also decorates the “table”… or wherever it is we sit to eat. The kids and spouses are farmed off on others and it’s just us four. We don’t kuier* very late, or drink too much, or anything- but we eat really lekker, reminisce, laugh our heads off and take pictures. We have discussed including our partners (those of us that actually HAVE partners, ROTFLMAO) but for various reasons we’ve decided to keep it just us four… for a while at least.
And every year we each buy one gift.
At dinner we put our names in a hat and each get someone else’s gift- semi secret Santa style. The present has a twist though… and anyone who’s been reading long enough might remember last year’s “event” (and you’re welcome to go and look). Here are the “rules”:
1. The aim is to find the most kitsch, kak**, useless, ugly thing possible!
2. The aim is not to splurge “money-wise”, cheap and nasty is the catch phrase.
3. Size doesn’t matter.
4. You then have to display the item you receive in your house until it is replaced the following year with a new one.
5. You may not “display” the item in the toilet window behind the curtains- it has to be prominently visible.
6. If it breaks it has to be mended and put back on display and it may not “get lost”.
We pick a “winner” each year for which one of the four of us has succeeded in finding the “best” gift. The trick though, is finding something that everyone thinks is yuck! Something you don’t like and would never put in your house let alone spend money on- is invariably someone else’s idea of art!!! I have yet to take the title. I have just found my “gift” for this year’s supper, and I just know I’m going to win (but I say that every year)! It’s become quite a competition between us- we shop as much as a year in advance for this thing! This year, Sister C has also suggested we find some sort of floating trophy to display if we win the “title”, but there’s a bit of a dispute as to what kind of trophy. Da Bruvva reckons it should be as horrible as the gifts we exchange, and Sister C reckons it should be something pretty…
Okay blaudience- what say you?


6 thoughts on “A Sibling Supper And A Floating Trophy

  1. So sorry spookie – my vote is for ugly. At least as equally kak as the gift! mwahahaha!

  2. ww: teehee, it is great fun- and yes, the trophy will indeed “float” amongst us! sister b & c have voted for a “nice” trophy… i’m undecided…

    peong: the trophy will go to the person who bought the best (or should i say, the kakkest gift). you did indeed use the word correctly- i’m impressed! so how bout a quite pronunciation lesson- it’s a hard and sharp “KUCK” sound, usually with a sneer too (practice in the mirror- suprise and impress your friends)!

    spookie: hmmm… we can put it to a vote on sunday, okay?

    buddess: snicker…

    ww & buddess: i’m SO glad i can inspire some more family harmony elsewhere in the world!

  3. Yes, something pretty like a purple featherduster with half of its feathers missing – heeheehee

    I think this is awesome. I’m with wiwo and I think I must do this with my brother and sister this year.

  4. NO No NO!!! The trophy must at least be somethng pretty, attractive, nice. I can’t come home with a KAK sibling supper gift and an ugly trophy… or we could just leave the trophy idea…

    It’s difficult enough as it is to deal with my hubby and the gift, he cannot seem toget used to it – LOL!!

    PLEASE -something pretty!!! Pretty please!!

  5. The trophy has to be kak (did I use that right?) to keep with the theme of the event. But does the trophy go to the person who bought the “best” gift, or the person who picked the “best” gift?

    And thanks for the footnotes. I like to see how words infiltrate a common language based solely on where it is spoken and the influences there.

  6. What a fascinating family idea, Angel! This sounds fantastic.

    I’m with Da Bruvva on the trophy, which presumably would float among the group of you rather than float in water or in some other liquid…

    I have three sisters and two brothers. My bros don’t live where I do but the three sisters do.

    I’m going to think about getting us all together for something like this, for sure.


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