I’m done…

So far so good. This was the first time I entered one of Clarity of Night’s fiction competitions, this one was called “The Lonely Moon Short Fiction Contest” and you can go and read my entry if you’d like.
I actually found out about Jason’s competitions via Terri when she participated months ago… and I kept missing them after that. I didn’t miss this one because I subscribed to his site feed to I actually got a notification this time!
Oh what would I do without electronic messaging!?!

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9 Responses to I’m done…

  1. angel says:

    phats: his favourite subject is art dude! i must photograph some more of is drawings so i can load them.

    spookie: i liked your pics too!

    terri: thanx terri! so when are you going to do another fiction piece? i miss yours…

  2. Terri says:

    First off: LOVE the new look! Second: so glad u like ur dragon 🙂
    Thirdly: I love your dragon stories! They’re a breath of fresh air 🙂

  3. Spookie the Warrior says:

    I love the new look!!! It’s really neat. Now you HAVE TO help me redo mine!!
    Will read your story nownow, love your horse riding photos!!

  4. Phats says:

    I have no clue what i’d do without the net. I am a cheap bastard so I never call anyone LD I just catch them on IM! haha.

    So, what is Damien’s favorite subject in school? Tell him I will put the fight song back up, took it down for my current entry since it’s a video with sound

  5. angel says:

    oh- and i loaded some more horse riding pictures.

  6. angel says:

    cm: thanx for the compliment dude! i hope it doesn’t get too busy, ‘coz then it’ll take too long to load.

    nmotb: heh heh… dunno what happened, went blank for a minute there… mwaaaaaaaaahahahaha!

  7. NMOTB says:

    Helllooooooooooooo anyone home?????????????? You are done! – With What?

  8. Cookie Monster says:

    Oh and of all the blogs, yours wins the most interesting, there is sooooo much to do on your blog!

  9. Cookie Monster says:

    Hey there Angel, whats up, what you done with?

    That Dragon is amazing… lucky you