Guess the Movie… Again…

Yup, it’s another one of those.
Try and guess which movie these quotes come from:
Liberals! Intellectuals! Peacemongers! IDIOTS!

I’ll tell you one thing, they ain’t gettin’ the TV.
They blew up Congress! Ha ha ha ha!
It’s another favourite movie of mine, although I don’t own it on DVD yet. I’ve seen it four or five times and I’ll watch it again tomorrow! I will definitely be adding the movie to my collection (…hint hint… my birthday is in December… hint hint… mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha…)
Okay- fazers set to stun- goggles at the ready- shoot!
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2 Responses to Guess the Movie… Again…

  1. angel says:

    ooooookay… so no-one wants to play this time!?
    good grief… is my taste in movies that obscure!?
    these three quotes were froooom

    drum roll pleeeeeease

    “mars attacks”!

  2. angel says:

    and remember… no googling, ananzi-ing, yahoo-ing or asking jeeves or anything like that to work out where the quotes are from!