Damien Has Chosen!

And he picked Tracy’s cartoon captions! Nicely done girl, congratulations!!

There’ll be another one soon… probably this weekend- he’s working on it already! I hope all my American readers (and Canadian- I think you celebrate it too) had a fabulous Labour Day weekend!

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3 Responses to Damien Has Chosen!

  1. Anonymous says:

    YAY YAY YAY!!!
    I needed to be noticed! After all I DO have a deficit of attention!

    I bigged it up a bit on my site, I don’t know quite how to post it to you yet though, but feel free to swipe it!
    See ya

  2. Phats says:

    Wow damien drew that? He is talented I have no artistic ability whatsoever! haha

    can’t wait for the next contest

  3. angel says:

    sorry- i botched the picture somehow and it can’t be enlarged… here’s the captions:

    cat: Why yes I did eat your food and mine fido! Say is that a scar on your nose from the last time I kicked your butt?

    dog: Dhu-sthupid kiddy! Thh-umday I’ll get you!

    word verification: “pupuu”