Oh What A Beautiful Morning


When I woke Damien up this morning, he growled at me, and once he was a little more awake than his usual semi-caveman, he proceeded to moan and groan and perform and complain… I persisted, and eventually I got him out of bed. I then stumbled off to get myself ready for work. A little later I go into Damien’s room (actually, I stand at the door because I’m not allowed in there), to make sure he hasn’t gone back to bed, and guess what he’s fetched himself for breakfast… a bowl of melon sorbet and a box of Salticrax! I say to him that he should rather let me make him a decent breakfast, or at least have cereal.
“NO! THIS IS WHAT I’M HAVING!” was is reply.
The sonic boom knocks me off my feet… when I recover, I again suggest that maybe he should let me make him some breakfast since sorbet dessert and Salticrax are not exactly nutritious.
“GO AWAY!” he shouts.
I wish I could give you an example- but I honestly cannot think of any situation where you would speak to anyone or anything the way Damien speaks to me lately.
I was still a little taken aback so I thought I’d try and placate him a little, which occasionally works, but before I can open my mouth he’s stomped off to the kitchen (and I mean stomped- I think the whole block of flats could hear him walking through the flat), thrown his half empty bowl in the sink, chucked the Salticrax back into the cupboard and stomped back to his bedroom. I walked back into my room and I said very little to him for the rest of the day.
What else is fun is the phone call I received from Damien’s teacher asking me if I had a note for him for the Friday before last. I ask why he would need a note, and she says he told her he was off sick. This is the same Friday on which I said he could to the nearest mall after school with his friends and that I would fetch him there after work.
The little monster didn’t even go to school.
I dropped him off as usual, prob’ly round 7h30 and apparently he went straight from there to the mall- even though it only opens at 9! I haven’t even asked what he was doing all day. So what’s the fun part? It’s this- because he has already been caught smoking and bunking class, he could be suspended if the school decides to take action against him for the day long truancy.
Oh, and then when I fetched him this afternoon he could see I was still angry at how he spoke to me- but he couldn’t remember why, and I didn’t feel like raising the subject again so I just said I was moeg!

12 thoughts on “Oh What A Beautiful Morning

  1. keshi: he’s 15!
    add teenage hormone horror to adhd and you have a match made in hell!

    tracy: i love that cats comparison- even damien smiled a bit when i showed it to him.
    i loved your story BTW!

    gail: thanx blue- i needed that!

    nmotb: i so do tjomma, i so do!

    shortypam: tough love eh… right now i’m looking at slave markets!

    dawn: yay- bring on the calories! oh wait, i already started!

    mel: thanx doll!

    katt: thanx sweetie! the dragon just buzzed me from the gate!

    spookie: love you, love you, love you too!

  2. Ag my sis, why are our kids so difficult at times? You are a star for handling him the way you do. I personally feel like winding him up side the head – but I would never do that. It’s just frustration for you. I like what Tracy said about the wet cats – that makes TOTAL sense.

    I love you, love you, love you madly!!!

  3. Angel, I honestly don’t know what to so say other than I find your courage and strength amazing!

    Really, I don’t know how you do it. You are quite inspirational sometimes. I know, that is the last thing you are feeling right now, inspirational.

    Just hang in there. My dragon is on its way to give you a hug.


  4. Not much help are we Angel? That’s because there really is no ‘right’ answer. You will handle it perfectly though, no worries. Oh wait a sec. you didn’t ask for advice did you?
    And one other thing… he REALLY can’t remember this morning!

    Oh man it is rough being in both his shoes and yours.

    I know what he is experiencing, he just doesn’t get it, it’s too much. We feel it, but the ADHD memory is different than yours. It’s like, school, mom, teacher, friends, food, homework, mom, shoes, clothes, fun, school… it’s all jumbley and messy and all at the same time in our face.
    Wait, I know, (lightbulb goes off) Try juggling 13 wet cats at once! THAT is what it feels like to be Damien.
    Now Damien, try juggling 13 wet cats and one mean dog at once, THAT is what it feels like to be your mom!
    HA I actually did it, didn’t think I was gonna get it out for a minute there.
    Your doin great Angel, just hang tight.

  5. When we have been faced with similar behavior, our dilemma was, ‘tough love’ or the ‘love him more’ approach. I stress the word DILEMMA. This age is brutal. I so wish I was close enough to offer some hands-on support – even if just to bring over something obscenely loaded with calories to eat and some deep, dark hippie music to listen to … Thinking of you SUPERHERO!!!!

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