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Hi y’all… it’s the sucker here!
Yup… anyhoo, I popped in to the vet to see Grampa Scratchy this afternoon when I fetched Damien from school. A week of inactivity and vet food has vastly improved his condition- you can’t feel the bones in his neck anymore! The receptionist said she contacted the person who’d called saying they’d lost a black cat (apparently an old black cat). The receptionist left a message but has not yet heard back from them. This puzzles me a bit. If it was you who’d lost a cat- or a dog for that matter- wouldn’t you be phoning vets and shelters regularly to hear if someone had found it!?!
So I’ve asked her to wait till Friday- but please not longer since he’s already been in a small cage for a week. If the person hasn’t claimed him by then, then I want the vet to give him his shots and a microchip and then I will fetch him.
And I clean forgot to take a picture of him when I saw him (no- thats not him)!
Call me… um… I dunno – you decide- but I have already bought a red collar, a matching harness and leash set (also red, since Greebo’s set is yellow and Taxi’s is blue), two stainless steel bowls (one for soft food and one for pellets) and a big bag of cat food for mature cats. Now I just need another litter tray and a name-tag with his new name on it.
Yes, yes… I know…

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8 Responses to Grampa Scratchy News

  1. Phats says:

    I am very allergic to cats, so not really a fan. damien told me you have tons of pets and won’t let him get a snake, good mom! hahaha 🙂 I hate snakes

  2. angel says:

    terri: thanx- you’re a peach!

    nmotb: heh heh- good excuse to move eh?

    wenchy: hellooooo!

    keshi: just wait till i post pics of the “real” grampa scratchy!

    blue: thanx sweetie, i go in next wednesday!

    cm: heh heh, thanx sweetie!

  3. Cookie Monster says:

    Thats why you are an Angel…. good for you!

  4. gail says:

    It’s always good to see someone with a soft heart, Angel.I hope that you get that moggy with all the care you have given it!!

    Angel I will be praying for you as you battle at awful ill heath. What date is you opeartion?

    Thinking of you with love, Blue

  5. Keshi says:

    Kitty looks like it needs a hug from an ‘angel’…awwwwwwwwww.


  6. Wenchy says:

    Just saying hello.

  7. NMOTB says:

    If you do land up getting the kittie, he is going to be going to a very good home! As for Taxi and Greebo, well they will adjust, kids normally do! SUCKER – Soon you will have to find a new house for yourself and all your animals!

  8. Terri says:

    I’ll call you… optimistic 🙂
    {sigh} I just don’t seem to be able to keep up with your blog, darlin’… when’s the surgery and do we know what it’s for?
    Either way good luck.