This week, JJ in Purgatory gave us a starter sentence that hinted a “volatile” bit of writing if I could wrap my mind around it (Oh, you lying bastard. If I had known…). I hope I don’t disappoint! Pop over to JJ’s to find out how it works- but do not ask him about the rules or if something is or isn’t allowed by the rules or if you think it’s too late because it’s after noon on Sunday, because then a single gnat will buzz around your head for the period of one year and then will get stuck in your eye… according to JJ that is…

Oh, you lying bastard. If I had known you were completely incapable of keeping your word to mother I would never have stuck with the plan till now.

Well Stephie…

Richie- we are THIS close- we are so close I can TASTE it, why the fuck would you bail on me now!?!

Actually …

Ohhhhh- I get it- it’s your share isn’t it? It’s not enough for you is it… you want more do you?

In fact…

Dude- this is so unfair- I’m doing the same amount of work as you are, maybe more! The money should be split half-half, like we agreed!!

In point of fact…

Oh MAN did I know you were going to pull this on me again. You always do this, Richie!

Steph! Geez! Will you let me talk- all I said was “maybe” and you launched into your little tirade! I was going to say that maybe we should use the hot wax instead of regular car polish so we won’t have to do this again soon. Sheesh- I’m quite happy with splitting mom’s twenty fifty-fifty like we usually do. Keep your friggin panties on sister!

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5 Responses to FFF#54

  1. angel says:

    all: thanx… i wish i’d given myself more time- i thought monday was sunday- it was a public holiday here and i get very discombobulated!!

  2. sweet trini says:

    nice. walk good.

  3. Keshi says:

    good stuff.


  4. Phats says:

    nice hot story so far!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great work! Nice job telling the story through dialogue alone.