My Baby Got A Broken Heart… Again…

Well, sorta… um, he VERY briefly mentioned that Babe6 called it quits on Friday- and tonight he’s at the movies with someone who I think is hoping to be Babe7…
I wish Damien would decide to stay single for a coupla decades!

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8 Responses to My Baby Got A Broken Heart… Again…

  1. angel says:

    phats: i wish he’d listen!

    supermom: i wasn’t either… but there’s no way around it…

    anon: heh heh… thanx

  2. Anonymous says:

    His heart doesn’t appear to be too broken if he is at it again with Babe7??? He is growing up fast and you’ll have to just carry on being the super cool mom that you are and be there for him inbetween babes!!!!!

  3. Melany aka Supermom says:

    I’m NOT looking forward to my sons hearts being broken

  4. Phats says:

    Tell damien girls are just too much trouble at that age anyway haha 🙂

  5. angel says:

    ww: how did you know i shop every week?

    nmotb: i wish he’d decide he’s tested enough and doesn’t shmaak it!

    nomad: don’t i now it…

  6. Reluctant Nomad says:

    It’s all part of growing up even if it pains you to see him getting hurt.

  7. NMOTB says:

    He is still young – Just testing the waters!

  8. Within Without says:

    He’s doing the same thing you do in the supermarket every week — shopping and sampling.

    He’s not likely to stay single for a cuppla minutes, let alone a cuppla decades.