I Don’t Bloody Believe It!

The school I just applied to last week for Damien for next year- the one that caters exclusively for ADHDers- went belly up this weekend and won’t be re-opening its doors!
So thus far the score is School Search- 6, Angel and Damien- 0
I contacted yet another school this morning…

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10 Responses to I Don’t Bloody Believe It!

  1. angel says:

    tom: thanx dude!

  2. Tom says:

    Oh ballz.. I’ll be holding thumbs for you tomorrow!

  3. angel says:

    allbodies: thanx everyone, i appreciate the sentiment! i am off to school number 7 tomorrow to pay a deposit and hand in the paperwork… i’m just hoping they still have space for damien for next year.

  4. NMOTB says:

    Aai tog!!!!!! Will say a little prayer for you! The right school will come your way soon – like everyone has said – HANG IN THERE PAL!

  5. Cookie Monster says:

    Hang in there, I was in exactly the same pot… well it will all come right!vn

  6. Writeprocrastinator says:

    That stinks like cheese left out in the summer sun. Hopefully, there’s bound to be another school.

  7. Katt says:

    Oi, Angel, I don’t know what to say other than just hang in there!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there dude! You’ll get it figured out. You definitely have some good school karma coming your way.

  9. Within Without says:

    Best of luck with that, Angel, sincerely.

  10. Gareth says:

    Holy smoke you’ll be running out of schools soon!! You must have pissed off a lot of teachers lol 😉
    Oh and Damien, welcome to the wonderful world of dating 😛