I Have A New Favourite TV Ad

It’s Xtna Aguilera’s new Pepsi ad- the one where people around the world with cell phones press a button and she appears in front of them! Fabulous outfits; outrageous make-up; great song; BRILLIANT ending! Loving it! Loving it! Loving it!
Check! It! Out!

6 thoughts on “I Have A New Favourite TV Ad

  1. dawn: of course i did china bean! they’re two of my favourite celebrities- i never missed an episode of “the osbournes”!

  2. jj: i know, i know…

    dawn: the couple at the end is the cherry on the cake for me!

    spookie: VERY!

  3. When she is not behaving like a complete skank she is awesome – incredible voice. Love the mal couple at the end too. xox

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