I Hate When That Happens!

I think the writers of the TV series Las Vegas (starring the ever delectable Josh Duhamel) have absolutely mastered the art of the cliffhanger! They managed to do it to me yet again tonight with the final episode of season three! In the final seconds of this episode, Big Ed is shot and Delinda arrives at Danny’s door- in her wedding dress and tears!
Yes, yes- I know- its just a TV series… but I have a few shows that I really really enjoy and seldom miss if I can help it. Las Vegas is one of them, as is Footballers Wives (coming back in a week to replace Las Vegas), Oz (sadly finished now), Crossing Jordan and CSI Las Vegas.
Luckily for me they’re seldom on at the same time and they’re usually on late, then Damien is in bed, supper is done and dusted and we’ve been to the gym!

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9 Responses to I Hate When That Happens!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oz is one of sweet trini’s all time favorite shows. We are both big fans of most HBO shows. Six Feet Under is the only show they have done though that rivals Oz.

  2. angel says:

    deleted comment: i cannot believe i’m being spammed even with word verification!

    spookie: heh heh- my lips are sealed!

  3. Spookie the Warrior says:

    Ja, she’s cute – but he could do SO much better! And please don’t give anything away…for now, I might not be able to contain my curiosity for very long – but until I burst in demanding you to spill it all, don’t say a word!

  4. angel says:

    nmotb: at one stage i was programming reminders of tv programs into my phone… but it got too full with everything else in it too! sister b was speechless everytime an alarm went off!

    spookie: weeellll- i googled it just to set my mind at rest so i have an idea what happens in the first episode of series 4, but don’t panic, i won’t say a word!

    phats: heh heh- i also shout at my tv!

    spookie: whaddayamean? she’s cute!

    tom cat: oooh- i can’t believe i left off satc! i loved that show- i never missed one!

  5. Tom Cat says:

    I’m sooooooooooo happy Footballers Wives is coming back! I luuuuuurve that show.

    I was really sad that Sex and the City finished, but it’s all good cos I’ve got the DVDs and I know every episode off by heart, and I’ve become a bit of a SATC freak.

    My other fave show.. Grey’s Anatomy.. can’t wait to get the second season on DVD, cos I missed it on TV.

  6. Spookie the Warrior says:

    Eeeeuuuuwww – whats wrong with him!!!???

  7. Phats says:

    Hmm well shoot I don’t watch any of those, but I am the same way with my shows. I find myself yelling at my television set like that’s going to do any good!

    Josh D. is dating fergie

  8. Spookie the Warrior says:

    Well, one things for sure – there aint gonna be a wedding! Delinda is not going to marry the nerdy, no party, no fun, traveling doctor. (YAY) And Ed…well I don’t know, now and I have to wait for next season!!

  9. NMOTB says:

    I also love watching Las Vegas, specially cause I’ve been there! but the problem is I never bloody remember to watch it and either miss it or just catch the end! go figure! 🙂 Psst – it’s almost the 18th!!! heheheheh