A Day At Sister C’s!

I’m quite exhausted! We spent the day at sister C’s place celebrating her almost-step-daughter’s 13th birthday. Damien and Nephew M have both now been afflicated with that horrible pubescent malaise that forces them to look and sound as if absolutely nothing is interesting or entertaining even if they’re having a whale of a time! It’s like every picture I take of him lately, he has a fat lip to some degree. Here he is playing pool with nephew M, he wouldn’t even “pose” for me to get a nice picture of him playing!

He also went for a ride this afternoon at the farm we usually go to- he rode Britannica again (that’s her in the “close-up”) and he said she didn’t get away with all her silly-buggers this time so he’s definitely learning something. Here’s a shot of four of the new babies born on the farm in the last couple of months- unfortunately I forgot to take carrots so the mommies flat ignored me and there were no close-up foal pictures for me today!

Here are some of sister C’s ducklings- there are ten at the moment and they’re too adorable!

The find of Damien’s day was this exquisite velvet spider. He spotted her little web and found her in a crack in the stone wall flanking sister C’s carport and tempted her out by flicking her trace “wires” with a bit of straw. She very kindly obliged and allowed me to take some pictures too! Isn’t she stunning! You can see how big she was too- that’s Damien’s hand in the second picture.

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6 Responses to A Day At Sister C’s!

  1. Reluctant Nomad says:

    Teenagers!! What awful but loveable creatures they are. Well, only if they’re your own offspring!!

  2. angel says:

    phats: i’ve gotto bribe him for a smile!

    supermom: fore-warned is fore-armed mel!

    nmotb: we did! are we going to ride next year?

    h.e.: heh heh- very good! i do love my animals, once i can convince people not to kill the spiders i’m the one who gets called to remove them!

  3. Homo Escapeons says:

    Foaled again!….next time you’ll remeber to bring carrots.
    Those ducklings were cute and the spider..not so much.
    Arachnids are not my cup ‘o tea but I admire how you didn’t dispose of your scary guard because she is performing a vital service.
    You certainly are a bona fide animal nut aren’t you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like you guy’s had fun!!!!!

  5. Melany aka Supermom says:

    No no no…no spider is stunning. NEE man! Those horses are though.
    And truly you are scaring me. You do know that I still have to go through the teenage years with THREE boys

  6. Phats says:

    Those horses are so pretty.

    Tell Damien to smile geesh come on kid! ha