New Babies At The Farm Where We ride

…and my name suggestions for them!
They are having a competition to find names for the new babies, and the owner of the farm is a fan of “evil” gods and goddesses and mythical creatures. All the babies born in 2006 are being named this way. Blondie’s foal and ?’s filly (the pale dun) are my favourites of all the new arrivals! And out of the ten new arrivals in 2006 (2 already have names- Fury & Isis) there were only two colts- Gem & Ginger’s foals. Aren’t they all just too gorgeous!?!

I have suggested the following names:

For Gem’s colt I had to retract “Minerva” and replaced it with “Lycan”, “Horus” or “Centaur”.

For Marmite’s filly I suggested “Ishtar” or “Nemesis”.

For the little pale dun filly with the nameless dam I suggested “Pixie”, “Freya” or “Eris”.

For Ginger’s colt I entered “Kraken”, “Odin” or “Anubis”.

For Sugar’s filly I have entered “Scylla” or “Lilith”.

For Pearl’s filly I have entered “Arion” or “Andarta”.

For Blondie’s filly I have put up “Morrigan”, “Valkyrie” or “Minerva”.

For Sofar’s filly I have suggested “Selkie”, “Gorgon” or “Phoenix”.

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5 Responses to New Babies At The Farm Where We ride

  1. angel says:

    dawn: aren’t they just beautiful!?!

  2. Dawn says:

    What gorgeous babies. Nice pic layout china bee. Hugs. xox

  3. angel says:

    i’ll use katy: heh heh… you should go back to my march archive and read about my attempts to heave myself onto a horse the first time we went riding! mwaaaaaahahahahaha!!!!

    allan: i take it you googled it, or know what it means- i love the name and that little filly is just gorgeous!

  4. Allan says:

    Morrigan, eh? That’s excellent…goes with the blog motif.

  5. Dino aka Katy says:

    ohhhh how cute. I love horseback riding but do not get a chance to do it often. I used to do a lot of it on vacation but can’t now with Grumpy since he is a bit to heavy and most places do not have a clydesdale to ride 🙁