Damien Says…

I’m saying “fuck” a lot more than I used to. And you know what? He’s right. I must just tell you bunnies, I used to swear worse than a sailor- I promise you- the air would turn PURPLE around me, never mind blue. And I didn’t even have to be upset… it was just part of my vocabulary. It was the way I spoke. It was part of my reputation (that and the fact that I drank Black Label and wouldn’t bend the rules for anyone). I got into trouble about it on a regular basis at my old job because MANY people were offended by the way I spoke.
Shocking innit?
So I decided to stop doing it. Easy as pie. For the most part I was successful, I think. I started saying things like “for-five-six” and “crap” and “blast” instead of swearing.
Then this morning in the car, I swore when I rode over something in the road, and Damien said to me: “You know- you’re saying ‘fuck’ a lot more lately…”
I thought about it for a moment, and replied that he was right- that I was sorry- and that I’d stop doing it.

Man! I just love my darling Damien SOOOOO much! And I just love how he’s willing to tell me stuff like this without fear of reprisal or recrimination! It makes me warm and fuzzy inside…

16 thoughts on “Damien Says…

  1. Oh yeah…I say fuck too much too. Although it seems to have cycles. Some times I don’t say it at all and then just all of a sudden it will be said way too often.
    You and Damien has such a great relationship

  2. dawn: ah HA- you snuck one in while i was busy! and i think you’re a fucking great mom too! mwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha…

  3. nmotb: okay- i’ll just blame you for my use of the word!

    t.c.: i must remember that one!

    cheryl: i honestly wish i’d never started… much like smoking!

    nomad: apology accepted! mwaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha…

    vangie: honestly, i’m not offended by it either- but we live in an immensely conservative country and i don’t want damien using it in conversation till he’s an adult or until his language can no longer be blamed in a bad upbringing!

    spookie: oh my goodness that’s so funny!

    katt: it is indeed wonderfully expressive- especially in afrikaans! if i hurt myself i swear in afrikaans! as for crap… i dunno doll…

    nmotb: keep your panties on- i just finished it- and you have exhausted your question mark quota for the year! ooh, and i really like “vatlap”!

    terri: hhmmm… maybe i should try that- although at one stage i was saying “fack” and apparently eminem uses it a lot… and i thought i was so original! i have started saying “vlok” instead (the afrikaans word for “flake”) and “fork” also works for me…

    gareth: ok, so “feck” was innocuous till just then…

    steve: so did you develop a taste for soap?

    katy katy katy: oh yes, i can so see how that fits you!

  4. I have no issue with the word fuck. I don’t use it around the kids unless I physically hurt myself and then I find it impossible to restrain my usage. I am not sure why I feel uncomfortable to use it in my own blog posts (although I used it today, funnily enough.) You are right, it is cool that Damien feels safe to be honest and open – probably co’s you’re a fucking great Mom! xox

  5. people that know me tend to laugh when I swear. It means I am really mad and when they (Grumpy especially) hear it coming from me they think its funny

  6. I say the work fuck so freely that it makes people uncomfortable.

    And to think my mother used to wash my mouth out with soap when I was a kid.

    Guess it didn’t work. 😉


  7. LOL @ Terri. Shut the feck up you fecker 😉
    Did you not go back to see what you ran over???

  8. LOL @ Spookie! Shame though, I know how that feels. I said it in front of my mother once when I hurt myself. Since there was a lot of pain involved we both pretended it didn’t happen.
    In Ireland we use ‘feck’ instead, which is apparently a completely innocuous word in Irish. Ja, any excuse..!

  9. Here is a new word to say instead of saying Fuck (it actually works and its not swearing) you say “vat lap” now that’s just plain afrikaans and not a swear word at all!!! *wink*

    Oh Spookie, I wish I could have been a fly on the pew when you said that in Church – You are soooooooooooooooooo funny!!!

    HEY MADAM – WHERE IS MY TAG????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Spookie, that was very funny – for me, I can’t imagine it was nice for you. If it makes you feel better, I have done something similar.

    Swearing is kind of like “Why are all the good things in life bad for you?” I mean, if we are honest, the F word (which I use on a regular basis) is expressive and when you yell/mumble/say it, you feel like you have purged yourself. You know “Okay, there, I said it, case closed.” But swearing really isn’t nice, I agree.

    By the way, isn’t crap a swear word? Or is it one of those grey area words?

    PS: I have read all your other entries but my 3G Card is only allowing me one comment per blog today – love the planetarium too.

  11. I don’t drop the F bomb anymore. I have managed to get it oout of my vocab – but – I did say Shit – IN CHURCH the other day!!! Wanna see some one blush – on my word. I wanted the ground to just swallow mw up. I dunno where it came from it just popped out like an unexpected burp or fart. I wanted to die! Ok, now I have that off my chest – I am running from here too before anyone can point and laugh at me…

  12. Reluctant Nomad beat me to it (predictable bunch aren’t we?). I use this word sparingly. I’m not the slightest bit offended by it, I just notice how much more effective it is when used in precise, calculated measure. For example, do I waste this precious word on passers by wot irritate? No, says I. I reserve it for my coffee table wot stubs me poor toe. Or a bad hair day. Ooooh, and then there is the cat. The cat gets extra doses of the F bomb more frequently than either of us care to comment further on.

  13. Funny!! Isn’t it great how our kids keep us straight?
    I’ve never had trouble with that word. Just can’t get it to come out of my mouth.

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