Sunday Scribblings #45

This weeks Sunday Scribblings theme was “Goodbyes…”, and even though I’m late as anything- I’m going to post it anyway!
Goodbyes… lets ponder them for a moment shall we.
They’re not usually much fun are they?
Of course- it depends very much on whom you’re saying goodbye TO… and in that case, I was very much looking forward to saying farewell… to hearing the swansong of my bitter adversary… to bidding the nut job- who’d been making my life a misery- adieu.
I’d even been planning it. I’d been painstakingly rehearsing every possible scenario in my head. I had my timing down to the millisecond and I was damn sure I’d covered every eventuality!
And then the son of a bitch arrived- with his own bloody wyvern! I wanted to scream with frustration!
I had heard him coming and was just about to unclip Nidhug’s leash so my trusty attack dragon could surprise my intended target as he came round the corner from the parking lot- when Nidhug tensed up. He only EVER froze like that for one reason- a doe! Yes, Nidhug was exceptionally well trained and yes he was a mostly reliable attack dragon, but he was also one horny little reptile. A doe within two blocks would engross him persistently until either she disappeared, or he found her.
And the crafty bastard I was after had somehow gotten wind of what I was up to… and had taken steps. And there he was- with the one thing that could throw a spanner in my works. I hadn’t realised he knew me as well as all that. I was more than a little upset that I had underestimated him yet again.
As Hondo’s little doe started to keen softly, he stopped in his tracks, his keys already in his hand.
“Dina?” he called softly- and I swear I’ll hear that call in my head forever- “I know you’re there…” he said, “I knew you’d be coming, that’s why I borrowed Bindy here from a friend of mine. You told me about Nidhug once… remember?” He stood dead still, not even really looking around him- although I couldn’t see his eyes from where I was.
Nidhug was starting to wriggle in his harness- eager to try and get to the little doe.
“Hondo…” I said softly, “Hondo, Hondo, Hondo. I came to kill you, you know. I came to end this. I’m tired Hondo. Nidhug was going to do it for me, no trace, you know. I’ve had enough… the hurting is just too much anymore.”
“Dina, come to me please,” Hondo implored me, “let’s fix this. We can make amends…”
“I just want to say goodbye, Hondo…” I replied as I stepped out of the trees with Nidhug at my heel.
Aaah, such fond memories.
Bindy’s eggs hatch in a few days and Nidhug is all but smoking with paternal pride.
You know, no one ever asked where I got her.
I do so enjoy a good farewell.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #45

  1. cheryl: glad you liked it! i’d like to greet the heat and lose about 30 pounds!

    allan: oh crap… i knew someone would eventually ask!

    terri: thanx terri! waai sommer my stertjie…

    gautami: heh heh!

    waspgoddess: hey- a new visitor- cool! thanx for stopping by, i’m dragon mad!

    gareth: aw no man… i thought i got this one “right” so to speak… they’re fictional characters dude… hondo is a warrior’s name, nidhug and bindy are male and female dragon names and a wyvern is a two legged, winged dragon… or were you being sarcastic…?

    h.e.: …wonderful and witty… teehee- just like me! as for dragon breath… like any other pet- it depends on what you feed them dude! there’s no bible as such, and opinions are wide and varied- but and are cool places to visit (i have several books on dragons, one of which is a dragonology book)

    novel nymph: another newbie- i’m really scoring this week! why thank you! i’ll see if i can get a story down…

    mommy darling: thank you, i love you too!

    spookie: lekker!

    vangie: fabulous doll- only you could come up with a compliment like that!

    annieelf: yay- another new visitor- welcome! this is so cool! and thanx annie- there’s some more stuff listed in my sidebar somewhere if you’d like to see… i’ll be visiting you soon!

  2. A fun read. I’m new to your site. It will be fun to explore more of your writing. Annie

  3. WOW! You sure can write precious – write a bundle of short ones like this with illustrations – D can help I am sure! Love you to the back of he sun and home again. Mommy Darling

  4. WoW did you get me on that one..wonderful and witty.
    I would be happy with a Komodo Dragon except that there septic breath is dreadful…does Dragon breath smell like Smoker’s breath?

    I plead ignorance because I don’t even know if all Dragons are fire breathing..I saw a PBS special effects show on them last year but I am not sure how accurate it was…where should I there a Dragon Owners Bible on the Internet?

  5. Great story, the first one containing dragons for way too long 🙂

    Thank you for your comment on my site.

  6. Just getting around to reading your recent posts. you’ve been writing a lot lately!!
    Enjoyed yours today!
    And yes, farewells, can be TOUGH sometimes!! But also GOOD!!
    Right now, I would like to say farewell to–
    About 10 pounds!!
    The cold weather!!

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