Don’t! Breathe!

Okay bunnies- cross your fingers.
Hold thumbs.
Cross your toes.

Touch wood- and watever else people do to symbolise “good luck’…
Uh-huh- show me- shoooooow meeeeeeeeeee…

…thats right…

…right, okay, right, right, riiiiight…

…right… no no, cross them- thaaaats it…


…hey- HEY!!!
I said hold thumbs AND cross your fingers! Yes- like that!
Ooookaaaaaay… aaaalrighty then!
Here’s the thing.

Guns ‘n Roses is coming to South Africa at the end of April!!!
They’ll be here for My Coke Fest. Last year I missed Metallica- firstly I was broke and secondly no-one would go with me because (and this is pretty much a quote) “…there’re weirdos there…” Huh? So does that make me a weirdo? Whatever… I’m still kicking myself ‘coz I missed them.
I might go so far as to donate a kidney to go to GnR! I am subsequently calling in favours- left, right, up, down and diagonally! I MIGHT MIGHT be able to get tickets from a contact… but there is a slim chance I may get at least ONE ticket!
I am so excited I’m twitching!

7 thoughts on “Don’t! Breathe!

  1. tom cat: aaahhh, missing king robbie… truly, that will forever live on in the annals of my major life regrets!

    spookie: GUNNNNS AAAAND ROSESSSSS did you hear that?

    dawn: i hope you’re still knyping everfing- i never said you could let go! i saw alanis with strangers, and i have contemplated going alone- but a concert is so much more fun with friends! so you calling me weird too? i’m gonna start developing a complex…

    terri: it is indeed gonna be good- wow, wouldn’t it be cool if we could get like minded bloggers together more often for this kinda thing!?!

    katy katy katy: uh uh- there was actually a whole arm up for grabs for metallica tickets!

    reluctant nomad: so do i… i might just have to go to the “wrong doctor” since i don’t think good doctors do that kinda thing!

  2. Go to the wrong doctor when you donate that kidney and you may well be twitching for a long time.

    Let’s hope you get to see them without donating anything apart from some old-fashioned cash.

  3. hold it you will sell your kidney for GnR but not metallica??? Whats wrong with you woman. BTW the band that played at our wedding studied nothing else matters in for grumpy and I. I like GnR but Metallica rules!

  4. Yay You! I really hope you get to go. Me, I LOVE live concerts, and that’s bound to be a great one!

  5. If I squeeze and twist and turn any tighter I might just poep – but I am so hoping this comes through for you, Budvo! And even if it means going alone, GO – you might even meet a tall dark even stranger, weirder than or just as, you! Keep me posted – haha! :o)

  6. What was that – who’s coming… I am so tied up in knots now I couldn’t hear what you said….

  7. sho.. you have me in a tangle here with all the crossing. 😉 Hope it comes thru! And you should defo go – I will forever regret not camping outside computicket to get those tickets to Robbie Williams. And I regret (even more so than Robbie) not going to Jamie Cullem. i just luuuurve him. and so if you just luuuuurve GnR, you just HAVE to go. no questions asked. 🙂

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