A Very Brief Reprieve

…very brief indeed… I’m going away for the weekend! I leave tomorrow morning with a group of friends. They’re swimming the Midmar Mile and I’m going to document the event photographically and enjoy my time of no parenting (it’s hard work not speaking to each other you know). I still have a SHITE load of stuff to do before we leave, so I’ll see you all either Sunday night or Monday- depending on how hungover buggered tired I am when we get back! I have a lot of other “stuff” I’ve been scribbling about too- so brace yourselves for a mother trucker of a post (or four) next week! Ciao bunnies!

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9 Responses to A Very Brief Reprieve

  1. angel says:

    budvo dawn: lol, luckily I wasn’t driving… this time…

    nmotb: loads of photos indeed… i took two memory cards with me!

    tracy: hey there tracy! Girl- you are an inspiration to me- and I keep you in mind whenever I start wondering if my darling Damien will ever cope on his own as an adult… and of course on those days when I wonder if I should even get pout of bed!! I also send your poems to people in my support groups and tell them a little about you so they can also know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    phats: it was just me and some girlfriends- and we did have fun!

    steven: “mother trucker’s” what i decided indeed… i only swear if i’m really angry bout something… this is s’posed to be mostly a mommy blog after all y’know

    w.w.: i did have fun… but i was once again reminded that its best to travel in one’s own car donchano…

    supermom: it was great fun- and I was lucky, I got some pretty good ones!

    tom cat: hhhmm… maybe next year dude! I have not yet convinced myself that such massive physical exertion is fun…

  2. Tom Cat says:

    HAVE AN AB FAB TIME! 🙂 I think you needed the break. And you should swim the mile just for fun… hehe

  3. Melany aka Supermom says:

    Have a GREAT time. I know you’ll love taking the photos

  4. Within Without says:

    Hope you have (had, I guess) a great time Angel…

  5. Steven Novak says:

    A “mother trucker” of a post, huh?

    “Mother trucker?”

    That’s what you’ve decided to go with? 😉


  6. Phats says:

    That’s awesome, are you taking Damien? have fun!

  7. Tracy_Nicolaus says:

    Angel, you have been reading my mind as usual! I have been thinking about you for the past three days! The poetry has been calling me, but I just gotta sit down long enough to write, damn this ADHD sometimes. Thank you for inspiring me my beloved. I popped one out just because YOU are so very consistent and I promise to be more diligent!
    Blessings to all your wonderful bunnies and especially Damien!

  8. NMOTB says:

    Hey buddo – Enjoy the break, have a blast and take loads of photos!!!!!!! See you for dinner on Monday night!!!

  9. Dawn says:

    THRILLED to hear you are getting some time out, sister! Have a jol – drive safe – remember those lights, eh … especially at night. Will be thinking of you. Hugs and Love. xox