Here’s The Mother Trucker Of A Post- As Promised- Brace Yourselves!

Mommy Related Stuff
My Darling, Darling Damien has had his heart broken- yet again! Babe 9 called it quits last week… over the phone no less! He was quite distraught- and whilst I comforted him and recited the standard platitudes due to the telephonically dumped- inwardly I rejoiced! For the first time in his (thankfully short) dating career I was more than a little concerned over his choice in girlfriend… I s’pose I better get used to it- I don’t think any mother is ever wholly content with their offspring’s chosen partner. Thanks to his ADHD though, he recovered amazingly quickly, I reckon he was himself again within about 24 hours. I wonder if this means I should not bank on a long happy marriage and some grand babies one day?
Funny Enough, this happened shortly after I marveled at the fact that Damien was actually telling me about him and babe9. Girlfriend details usually have to be draaaaaaaagged out of him with oh so subtle hints and questions- and I’m not talking prying, just asking for interests sake you know. For the most part I don’t hear anything about his girlfriends… at least until they’re no more and he’s a little down in the dumps. And even then I have to ask what’s wrong…
Fine! Anyone with a teenager in the house has heard that- and knows exactly the voice tone employed when using that nasty little word. This usually signals the end of a discussion slash argument from Damien’s end- or rather- it signals the fact that I have now severely pissed him off and he’s ending the conversation (text or verbal) before he slips up and swears at me or something. Sometimes he’ll try his luck later, if he thinks there’s a slight chance I may change my mind… but I seldom resurrect the argument myself. When he reaches the “FINE!” point I have usually said my piece and laid down my law. So to speak.

Well Fuck You. I tell you bunnies, I came THIS close to saying that to Damien tonight… truly. It seemed at particular moment to be the only response that was even vaguely applicable. It was just a typical teenage-mother conversation slash argument. Nothing vitally important. Its just the way he speaks to me. I’m stil fuming just thinking about it. But I bit my tongue, I thought it- but I didn’t say it… (okay, now grit your teeth with your mouth closed and growl deep in your throat, thereby creating a vague impression of how I am sorta feeling now). He is just so completely and totally ungrateful. He asks for my help with something and then its wrong. If he leaves his homework at home- its my fault- even if I asked him several times if he had everything… uuuurrrrghhhhhh!
Still Mommy Related… Sort Of
My Mommy Darling Wants To Go Back To School! How cool is that bunnies!?! Mommy darling has decided that since there are no more kids at home she should put her time to a different use… um, apart from rescuing her children when they get stuck on the side of the road for whatever reason, or shuttling granny darling around… that kind of thing. For the first time I think, my mommy darling has decided to do something wholly for herself! Nice ma! I’m impressed!

Not Really Mommy Related
My Li’l Sister C Bin Burgled Again– it’s the second time she’s been cleaned out! Both times they took everything including curtains, clothing, shoes, bed linen, DVD collection, TVs, DVD players and such- except that this time they didn’t touch the kitchen. Sister C is very upset and her significant other is exceptionally angry. They live on a small holding because D breeds show roosters and sister C has ducks. Oh, and the dogs. And the cockatoo. And the cats that are now feral. Mickey (their pit bull) was beaten, probably with a sjambok, he’s got a welt across his nose and he’s very subdued, and they did that to Mickey last time too. And their place is fully kitted out with alarms and electric fencing and everything… makes one very dejected duznit… and trust me bunnies- don’t you let anyone bullshit you into thinking the crime in south Africa is “under control”, FAAAAAAAR FROM IT I tell ya!!!
This Last Weekend I traveled with several horsewomen, and I stayed with a horsewoman, and in traveling between residences I saw A LOT of horses! Horses have always been my favouritist favourite animal. I drew them on everything. I fantasised about one day having and riding my own horse, if not several. One day when I win the lotto I just may do that! I also had toy horses of all kinds. My sister B and I even used to run around as if we were horses (so much so that the nursery school teachers thought we had a screw loose). I have a few favourite breeds: Appaloosa, Friesian, Andalusian, Arab and Knabstrup being my favourite five (feel free to Google images, do). My favourite colourings on a horse are the dun, pintaloosa and pinto. Dun can be anything from almost white to a dark sandy colour with a black mane and tail and black hocks. The pintaloosa colouring is a combination of the pinto and the appaloosa spots- very unusual, and the pinto is the black or brown with white markings (again, Google to your heart’s content).
Six Weird Things About Mois! I’ve seen this everywhere… but I don’t think I’ve tackled it yet. Enjoy. It took me a while to compile because I think I’ve already told you all just about everything and because there’s a lot about me that I don’t think is all that weird!
Number one. Sometimes when I’m thinking, I break up all the words and then the sentences into groups of two or three letters. I do it over and over again because it frustrates me when I can’t fit a sentence into a two or three letter grouping “set”. The kak is that when I start doing it, it takes me days to stop doing it again!
Number two. I have three cats, two of whom have been trained to walk in a harness with a leash, sit on request, to wave on request (note- request, not command- you can’t command a cat to do anything), and I do not let them go outside. This is a little bizarre… in South Africa at least…
Number three. I love Bollywood movies! Subtitles and all! Especially the classic ones with the elaborate traditional costumes…
Number four. I have four godchildren. Two are my bestest best friend’s sons R & D, one is my sister’s eldest M, and the fourth is my cousin K. I take my job as godmother quite seriously, in fact my aunty M asked me to be my cousin C’s godmother too, but after thinking and praying about it I declined her offer. With four godchildren already I didn’t think it was fair to them to take on a fifth one. I do feel I could take my job more seriously, especially when it comes to their Christian upbringing.
Number five. I am a Christian. While that is not necessarily strange as such, what may be a little odd is that it bugs me how I neglect to mention God’s influence on my life. I pray daily, several times even. I badly neglected Damien’s Christian education because I stopped going to church… and now of course he’s into everything EXCEPT Christianity. But I will persevere… and pray… and hope that one day he feels what it feels like when God talks to you. I wish I could describe it to him…
Number six. Sheesh, I’m really battling to come up with weird stuff- I consider most of what I am and do to be nerfectly pormal donchano! Okay, number six will be… weddings! I love weddings! I love wedding magazines. I love planning weddings. I love designing gowns and bridesmaids outfits. I love choosing centre pieces. Maybe a little odd? For someone who’s sworn off men at least for another 10 years or so I mean…?
The Best Ever Guitar Solos. I got this inside a News24 email I think- there’re several on here that I have known and loved, especially #1, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #12, #13… ah buggrit- all of them, LOL! How bout you? Oh, did anyone else hear about van Halen actually getting back together with Eddie?
1. Stairway To Heaven – Jimmy Page
2. Eruption – Edward Van Halen
3. Freebird – Collins/Rossington
4. Comfortably Numb – David Gilmour
5. All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
6. November Rain – Slash
7. One – Kirk Hammet/ Metallica
8. Hotel California – Don Felder/ Joe Walsh
9. Crazy Train – Randy Rhoads
10. Crossroads – Eric Clapton
11. Voodo Chile – Jimi Hendrix
12. Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry
13. Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan
14. Layla – Clapton/ Allman
15. Floods – Dimebag Darrel
16. Heartbreaker – Jimmy Page
17. Cliffs Of Dover – Eric Johnson
18. Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
19. Highway Star – Ritchie Blackmore
20. Bohemian Rhapsody – Brian May
My Coke Fest now has FOUR… count them- FOUR- international acts bunnies! Guns n Roses, Hoobastank, Evanescence and Three Doors Down! I don’t even now yet which of our unbelievably good local bands will be playing… but this is gonna be one helluva party! And Damien is not at all happy that I won’t be taking him with me (if I get tickets that is, you better still have everything crossed like I told you!)

11 thoughts on “Here’s The Mother Trucker Of A Post- As Promised- Brace Yourselves!

  1. nmotb: the tickets are available- and staind has been added to the list now!

    dino: the concert is looking better and better!

    gail: i’m dying to pop round to see all your photos!

    spookie: thanx sis!

    cheryl: i had a giggle at the “wishes”… freudian slip maybe? teehee. as for the concert- staind has been added to the list too now!

    justin: thanx dude, as for the music choice- i wish i could claim it… but i didn’t think it up myself!

    terri: i used to count everything- i worked in a photolab and everything in the lab is counted and i found myself counting spoonfuls as i fed damien his supper!

    writeprocrastinator: i’m impressed you actually read through the whole thing! i am indeed counting my blessings when it comes to his adhd… although the teenager thing is really getting me down! as for my sister… i think they’re going to pack it in and move to a more densely populated area… and dyslexia- now i know what yoda suffers from!

  2. This post is a long one, as long as some post in an entire month ; ) There’s a wonderful benefit to ADHD, especially at that age where dating is like rain on the dry veldt. Long droughts, downpours, followed by droughts.

    I was just thinking how often my father and I got into it, and how often I’ve seen teens mix it up with parents in general. I’m not looking forward to it in three years and I feel for you now. Comes a point real soon, where nothing you say or do will be right, even if you are justified.

    Sorry to hear about your sister, what’s going to take? A crocodile-filled moat and lions in the inner perimeter? What did Homer Simpson say? Ah, yes, “guard dogs that shoot bees out of their mouth.”

    As far as you breaking up letters and rearranging them? It sounds like you just missed out dyslexia. Mix words time I to from from…it’s not fun.

    Bollywood films are good stuff, there’s a rare exurberance that’s missing from modern cinema.

  3. Hi Darlin’ I’m catching up here and my oh my what a post I missed… Your weird things list? That breaking up sentences thing is a little odd, I must say, LOL! But don’t worry, dear – I’m not here to judge. Did I ever tell you I count things? Yep, it’s true. Often I don’t even realise I’m doing it… and I also sometimes count the same things over and over.
    Ja. We’re all a little weird.

  4. Uncommunicative kids — well I suppose I was one myself at various times in the past, when I didn’t want to burden my parents with my own worries or grief. It’s
    hopefully just a phase, Angel, and probably all he needs to know is
    that you’re there for him,if he’d like to talk about anything. He must know this already, as you’re a caring mum, but he might like to hear this from you a few more times.
    Oh dear, I beginning to sound patronising now.
    We’ve got 4 girls, the youngest of whom is now 25, and it’s their mum they usually open up to with their problems. Mrs C is brilliant. (She a trained relationship counsellor too).

  5. Not sure where the word “wishes” came from in my comment. LOL I think I meant to say “and other things”.

  6. Great post, Angel!! I’ve been away for a week or so and then when I come back, whew, I have a lot to catch up on!
    Teenagers! Wow!! You know I have an almost 15-y-o DD and while, most of the time, she is just a “model” teeanger the thing that bugs me the most is the way she TALKS to me sometime. Respect! Show some respect!
    (Of course, sometimes my 10-y-o DD is even worse at it! I guess it’s just moms and kids, huh?)
    Great list of things about you! I definitely can see your Christianity in the way you deal with Damien and other wishes with such a good attitude!
    LOVE your guitar solos. And WOW, what a concert!! Love all four of the acts so far!

  7. This was a cool post btw.

    I love your list of six things – and I don’t think you’re weird either.

  8. Hi Angel, I been out of Blog World since coming home from the States.Its time now to catch up with my blog friends. In case you wondered why you had become “anonymous” on my blog, blogger made me go to new blogger and most of my blog friends then became “anonymous”. Some of the girls wondered what had happened.

    Well reading about Damien and you makes our home look very normal!!!Why do they think that if we just want a simple conversation, we are trying to interrogate them???Sheesh…And remember Rowan is much older.(there’s a pic or two of my darling on my blog)

    That stinks about the buglary.

    Well, enjoy the concert!!

  9. damn you made my head hurt

    sorry about the broken heart and broken home. I think its cool what your mom wants to go back to school

    the concert sounds awesome I bet you’ll have a ball doing it

  10. ok that was a big one! Phew……hang on let me just catch my breath…..!

    Right – I am dreading the teenage years and remember I will have two not just one!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy for your mom – way to go Auntie G!

    That is terrible bout C – I just wish these fuckers that are doing this would fuck off and die!!!! It is so bad Angel, I am totally scared shitless about our safety, no matter where we are or go – we as SA citizens are not safe anywhere anymore!!!!!

    That concert is sounding better and better – when are the tickets available and how much???? Let me know as soon as possible – maybe I can get them and the two of us go?

    Anyway’s I am spending the day at a Day Spa tomorrow, looking forward to it and then i will join up with the boys at the dam for the schools family fishing/camping weekend!!!

    You must have a good one and see you on Monday – NOW DONT FORGET THIS TIME! TART! *Grin*

    Love you madly, Bye!

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