My laptop has- yet again- kicked the bucket…
Given up the ghost…
Is indulging in a little slumber…
Is no more…
Is bereft of life…
Has bitten the dust…
Has bought the farm…
Has come to an untimely end…
Is in a condition non-conducive to life…
Has had its ticket punched…
Has gone to meet its maker…
Has cashed in its chips…
So if I’m a little quiet again this weekend- its not by choice- believe me!!!

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Wife, mom, cake artist, Guide Dog puppy raiser, ADHD champion, wedding planner, and tattooed cat slave.

13 Responses to OH FOUR FIVE SIXXXXXX!!!

  1. angel says:

    writeprocrastinator: tell me about it!

  2. Writeprocrastinator says:

    Gah, the nightmare that you can never wake up from!

  3. angel says:

    budvo dawn: missing you too…

    cheryl: i hate to see me gone long too… and i’m getting SO behind on my commenting now!

    steven novak: commercials? what commercials? wait- have i missed something?

    phats: sucks big time!

    justin: [[[grinnn]]] i did a lot of reading…

    phats: he’s a typical teenage male… most of the time.

    vangie! not you too with the commercials! will someone fill me in please!!! oh- and i’m sorry too…. and i’m gonna miss you tons!

    w.w.: sadly no- the screens i’m using are at my office and at my client…

    nmotb: toodles!

  4. angel says:

    all bunnies: aaaawww {{sssssniffff}}… you all missed me! now i’m all warm and fuzzy inside!

  5. NMOTB says:

    Hope you get it sorted soon!!!! See you later!

  6. Within Without says:

    Geez, Angel, you pulled out every cliche in the book for this. But it gets the point across.

    So…you’ve got a laptop AND a PC at home, then, shall we assume?

  7. Evangeline says:

    Dear Mr. Novak,
    Those commercials are not annoying! I heart heart big time valentine heart those commercials.
    Oh and, hi Angel! Sorry to hear that the ol’ puter has vanquished all semblance of cognition. (heh heh)

  8. Phats says:

    BTW how is Damien doing?

  9. justin says:

    Yes, I’m a computer addict too. It’s damned annoying when things go wrong, and miss the contact with folk like you, Angel, when I go away on holiday. One of the best things about taking a holiday for me, is that I start reading book(s) again — I don’t read many books otherwise.

  10. Phats says:

    That sucks Angel, I hate when I am without my computer for long

  11. Steven Novak says:

    I have a MAC…and yes…there is some truth to those annoying commercials. 😉


  12. Cheryl Wray says:

    Yuck!!! Hate that for you!! Hope you get back up and running soon. Hate to see you gone for long!!!!

  13. Dawn says:

    Oh crap! Not sure when you’ll see this then … and I suppose a chat is completely out of the question right now. Hope you get back up SOON – already missing you. Hugs, xox