If Truth Is Beauty…

How Come No One Has Their Hair Done In A Library? ~Lily Tomlin
Damien actually asked me for a haircut! I was quite flabbergasted! He (and I) so loved his long hair… and now it’s all short again! The deal was- since he was allowed to grow it in his new school- that if he looked after it and washed it everyday and kept it neat, I would let him grow it. But if it started looking scabby I’d cut it all off. Then yesterday he asked me if I would cut it off- he said he’s just getting too hot! So I cut it all off yesterday using my Daddy Darling’s buzzer.
So he’s gone from this…
to this…

8 thoughts on “If Truth Is Beauty…

  1. katt: he is indeed- i should actually scan in and publish some pictures from when he was little- i loved giving him all sorts of weird and wonderful hairstyles!

    supermom: mwaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! i forgot about that!

  2. AHHWWW…Loved the long hair! and now he won’t give that old oom something to talk about when he drives past you guys!

  3. Obviously your Damien is one of those guys who get away with long and short. I like both.

    PS: Just did all my catching up on your blog.

  4. spookie: he looks cute- but i did like it long!

    nmotb: heh heh- cool & short!

    katy katy katy: hot as blazes doll! our average is 33 degrees celsius +!

    steven: luckily damien looks good either way… of course, i am biased… but my dad was the same with my brother, and i kept damien’s hair very short when he was younger because he was not yet “vain” enough to keep it clean…

  5. I like the short hair…

    When I was a little kid my bad used to buzz mine because he thought all men should have the “high and tight” 😉


  6. well I have a weakness for guys and long hair. – but I understand the fact that is gets hot

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