Tarasque Lives

This was originally inspired by one of Purgatorian’s (currently shuttered) Flash Fiction Friday post. Then I was going to use it for NaNoNutSo, but I didn’t get nearly far enought with it… its not yet finished, but I’ll post what I have so far over the next few days. I know I have a penchant for not finishing my stories- and I must still go and finish Flix’s saga, but lemme know what you think of this one… um, yes- I do mean that.

~~~~Chapter One~~~~
Blink… okay, so her eyelids worked.
Blink, blink.
She could blink.
She could blink and breathe.
She could blink, breathe and think.
She decided to focus on one thing at a time- starting with thinking- thereby trying to work out where she was and how she’d got there.
Gradually she realized she had pins and needles in her feet and that she could wiggle her toes, then her fingers started tingling too. She could also hear a soft clinking sound. She still couldn’t move her head or see anything, even though she knew her eyes were open. She tried to focus on what had happened. The last thing she remembered was flying over San Diego, and it had been a beautiful day too. Clear skies and warm sunshine… Then she realised she could hear her heart beating in her ears so her hearing was probably okay, it was just very, very quiet all around her. She had a impression of being in a sensory depravation chamber- a sensation she hadn’t enjoyed at all the one time she’d tried it back home.
Without thinking twice, she turned her head to look around her for light or something to distinguish where she was but she still couldn’t see anything. She was elated at being able to move her head though- it dawned on her that slowly regaining the ability to move meant she had been drugged somehow. As she continued to regain feeling in her body, she could feel she was lying more or less on her back on a hard surface. She lifted her arms and felt nothing in front of her. Sensing she had space, she rolled over and got to her knees. She was very wobbly, like she’d been asleep for a long time. Still sensing nothing above her head she tried to stand and realised her wings were bound- the clinking sound she kept hearing was a chain leading from the leather straps on her wings to a hole in the floor. The hole was small; she couldn’t even fit one of her claws in next to the chain. Flying would have been out of the question anyway- her wings were only now starting to tingle, they were the last part of her body to come back to life- except her eyes.
Being blind was not the end of the world for her kind; she had extra senses over and above the regular five to compensate for losing her sight, but she was afraid of being blind anyway. She raised her arms again and walked forward with them stretched out in front of her, reaching a smooth, cool wall in about 10 paces. She couldn’t feel a ceiling and guessed it must be higher than even she could reach. She decided to move right with her hands sliding along the wall and very soon came to a groove which seemed to outline a big door. She ran her hands down the sides of the grooves where she guessed the door would be and found a flat round disc- it moved aside revealing a hidden keyhole. Oh thank Edana she wasn’t blind! The room was just very well insulated against light! She could make out very little apart from a floor and another wall through the little hole, and there was no sound coming from the keyhole either so she must be alone.
But where was she? How did she get here? Who had done this to her? She was afraid and very angry. Her wings had finally fully woken up and she could feel the bindings, they were very tight. The chain seemed to move freely though, she followed the length of the chain and it led to a whole in the floor- not even a link she could break. She tried yanking on it a couple of times- it came up freely, like it had unlimited length.
Once she had followed the walls around the room, she realised it was very big and very high, with only the one big door. She hadn’t found any windows. She pulled the cover off the lock to let some light into the room. There was still no other sound apart from her breathing and footsteps and the almost musical jangle of the chain as it followed her around.
She was terribly thirsty but couldn’t even smell any water.
Since there was nothing else she could do, she decided to take her mind off her predicament and meditate for a while… adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

4 thoughts on “Tarasque Lives

  1. spookie: thanx sis! keep your eyes peeled!

    h.e.: glad you liked it. as for your question… i don’t think they’re alien, i think they gave t-rex more than a run for is money, and i think they escaped extinction due to their inate ability to travel through time.

    steven: heh heh… i gotta make sure you come back SOMEhow!

  2. NO don’t stop..
    I am fully committed to helping this wonderful sentient dragon…
    more, more, more…
    I am ready to run over there and set her free right now!

    Q; Do Dragons come from another planet?
    Were they here when the Dinosaurs ruled?
    How did they escape the Asteroid Hit that killed the Dinosaurs?

  3. This is very cool!! You better finish it – I have to know where she is and what she is!!

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