Okay bunnies- its Spookie’s birthday today. So pop over there and wish her because my sister is celebrating her 32nd birthday on this very day!

Spookie- what can I say… when it comes to my family I am exceptionally blessed, and I am particularly blessed when it comes to the sisters God gave me!
Okay yes- being just 14 months apart in age, we fought like… well, like sisters. But no matter how we fought- we were always close. We stuck up for each other and protected each other and are even closer as adults than we were as children. Our tastes were always very different, so we didn’t fight over “things” necessarily, we just fought. I think the stupid ideas were often mine- but after enough nagging you’d often go along with me. And then when we got in trouble, you’d tell me to “take my punishment like a man”… when you were like five! I was the hysterical screaming one that mommy couldn’t catch if we were to get a hiding; while you were the quiet one who didn’t bat an eyelid.
You always stuck up for others as well as yourself… “I’m not into fungi…” ring any bells?
Dearest Brigitte.
When I think of you- I think of love, purple, compassion, hydrangeas, wisdom, elephants, kindness, magic mushrooms, perception, smiles and thoughtfulness. And of horses. And of kindheartedness, cats, gentleness, laughter and consideration. And of course music. And of empathy, palominos, bravery and poetry. And sunflowers… ooh- and toothpaste… and drinking games… ooh ooh- and the Red Hot Chili Peppers… and the “Robber’s Dog”… and of course the Violent Femmes… and prayer… there’s just no room here for all the memories!
Words fail me when I try to tell you how much you mean to me…
I truly hope your birthday is a fabulous one and I just know you’re going to have many, many, MANY more!
Lotsa lotsa love

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  1. spookie: i love you too! i almost thought i’d posted too late and you’d miss seeing it!

    steven: thanx dude!

    e.c.: thank you… i tell you, i’m so missing seeing all of yuou on a regular basis!

  2. You two have no idea how good it makes me to see how much you care for each other! Thank you …

  3. My precious sis – this sis so very special to me. You had me laughing and crying at once when I read this. I cannot imagine my life without you. You are in every memory and important occasion in my life. You are the glue that holds us siblings together. I LOVE YOU.

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