Today Is Da Bruvva’s Birfday!

Today you are a whole quarter of a century old… or as sister B said- you’re now exactly half of fifty… nothing like sisters to make one feel loved eh!?!?!
Dude, you’ve achieved so much in your life already. You have a beautiful wife in my SIL, you have a son who’s adored by all who meet him, and you’re worshipped by your nephews- Damien in particular. And you know, it’s seldom that one as young as you knows himself as well as you do, and I am immensely proud of you for that. You know where your talents lie and you plan to one day make a living off them. You have already taken steps in the direction you want your life to take when so many people wait and wait and wait.
Happily Birfdaze oh Bruvva o’ mine… may you globble floopily for the rest of your life, you hoopy frood you!

3 thoughts on “Today Is Da Bruvva’s Birfday!

  1. steve: thank you- he has his own page too…

    phats: thanx dude- i’ll pass it on!

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