So How Was Your Weekend?

Truly bunnies, mine coulda been better… Saturday morning was cool- I was up early to go to the Saturday morning prayer meeting at the church (which I promised to do for Lent), and left Damien at home alone for a few hours (I went shopping too, I wasn’t in a prayer meeting for a few hours). I was immensely impressed when I got home- he made himself flapjacks with a recipe I left for him; he remembered to use the plastic spatula on my non-stick pan; and he made more milk after he finished (we’re using powdered milk). I was very proud of him. Yesterday was my Mommy Darling’s birthday- post to follow later- as well as the first race of the F1 season and I woke up just before 5am with a smasher of a headache that lasted pretty much all day! I was going to go to Mommy and Daddy Darling’s to watch the race with da Bruvva and SIL (‘coz its broadcast on satellite and I don’t have one) but I couldn’t bring myself to lift my head… so I missed out on Ferrari’s first win for the season! I missed out on mothering Sunday at church because someone was bouncing an invisible medicine ball on my forehead… I managed to get to Mommy Darling’s for a braai at around 3pm- but I was on a bit of a pain pill high and I took some more of them in the evening. I managed to quiet the monster to a mild throbbing, so at least I wasn’t wincing! Then in my sleep I scratched my burn open (I burned myself on an urn last week- just on the inside of my elbow) so now that’s hurting like a mother trucker on top of the rubber ball that’s still ricocheting off the inside of my skull this morning.

7 thoughts on “So How Was Your Weekend?

  1. Maybe when you get your laptop back, you will not suffer headaches anymore. Could they be blogger withdrawels???? On a serious note, I do hope that you are feeling better??? Remember, I am also a Ferrari fan. So glad Kimmi joined them. I have always been a big fan.

  2. supermom: they do indeed- and i’m very sorry i missed the race!

    spookie: aHA! i got it from you then, eh?!?!? so is yours gone?

    katy katy katy: you feeling better?

    terri: i wish i knew- he impressed me so much, and then spolt it all later yesterday when he ate ALL the oreos and drank ALL the coke without batting an eyelid!

    steven: HAH! i WISH mine were migraines- then i could at least get treatment for them!

  3. Gah..don’t even get me started on headaches. I like to call mself Mr. Migrane. 😉


  4. So how exactly did you get Damien to remember to use the plastic spatula on your non-stick pan? LOL!
    Hope your head is all better

  5. uh sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well hopefully your better now. If it makes you feel any better yesterday seemed to be headache day around the world I had one too

  6. HEY!! I’ve also had a major headache since yesterday after church. It’s a bit better now, but still there. SUX man!! Hope yours is better soon.

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