Still Languishing

…behind a PC screen- it feels so neanderthal-like!
Oh I hope I can say “I’m BAA-AAACK!!!” REAL soon..
I’m missing you all terribly- and when I do get a chance to pop over to you guys it looks like I’ve missed out on so much!
Anyhoo, still no news on when I’ll get my machine back.

4 thoughts on “Still Languishing

  1. spookie: i didn’t say you were none- it just feels weird not working on a laptop!

    h.e.: oh that would be wonderful!

    tom cat: what a brilliant idea… my troubles haven’t had a swimming lesson in a really long time!

  2. My computer is also going into hospital, for apparently the hard drive is f*cked. 🙁

    I reckon we should go drown our sorrows in whisky or summin..

    *sniffle* x2

  3. This should be considered Cruel and Unusual Punishment.
    I’ll send you a Cake with a Laptop hidden inside so that you can break out of your Prison!

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