The Long Overdue…

…photos from Damien’s 16th birthday cake and tea last week Thursday!
Here are all the nibbly things set out and waiting for the guests (we were at mommy darling’s house because I have no tables…. left).
… everywhere we went had sold out of birthday candles, believe it or not- so Damien opted for this massive silver thing- makes his cake look like a cupcake! The cake is his “design” too- layers of chocolate cake, caramel, cream and strawberries. di-VINE!
…I have managed to get a picture of him as he blows out his candles almost every year…
… He asked for money instead of gifts and scored big time! He was able to buy the “Chaos Space Marines” warhammer army he wanted, and the codex, and a spare bottle of glue to assemble his army with! Check that grin!
Oh- nearly forgot- I made a strawberry cheesecake…
Thank you all for all the wishes and gifts! His birthday was fabulously special!

5 thoughts on “The Long Overdue…

  1. My metatarsal (bloomin David Beckam, before, we could say ‘foot’ and people would go aaaaah….ow….now we have to say ‘metatarsal’…and people go aaaaah…and ‘where’s that then’ – which is basically the middle bone in my foot, which runs from my toe to my ankle is cracked across the middle, directly above the arch of my foot. On the top.

    On the bright side I spent three days in a backslab cast (hated it), three days in a normal cast (hated that too) and am now wandering around in bare feet almost constantly. My foot aches a little when its cold, but I suspect it always will now.

    🙂 Long winded way of saying its fine I guess 😉 Thanks for asking.

    Oh, you asked about Cele -she’ll be back…just as soon as I install wordpressmu on my blooksby site 🙂

    I’m actually thinking of launching a ‘general’ one – I just dunno how many authors would actually use it.


  2. carol: thanx for stopping by!

    kai: hey there, thanx for popping round! i been reading your page, but haven’t had a chance to comment without my laptop… is your ankle better?

    allan: yes indeedy! i’m hoping to photograph damien playing in a warhammer tournament soon…

  3. Warhammer and cheesecake. That’s like the best of two worlds in the same day. Fun and yummy!

  4. LOL…a boy with taste. I love warhammer 40K. I nearly sold some stories to the Black Library, way back when….

    Just stopping by to say hiya! (and happy birthday to Damien!)


  5. Hey lovely photos…it was great reading through your post…and looks like you had a great time…and well for some more fun and goodies also visit my blog on Birthday Wishes and enjoy all that i’ve posted there…i’m sure you’re gonna enjoy your visit!!!

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