The Trouble With Cats Is That They’ve Got No Tact*

I’m sure my regular readers’ all remember that I adopted Grampa Scratchy last September, after finding him outside, and he promptly moved into my bedroom and stayed there (after a 10 day stay at the vet for shots and a microchip and some fattening up). He doesn’t come out of my room for anything- even when the door’s open. He’s finally started playing a little- but not much. He doesn’t see very well ‘coz both his eyes are now rheumy, but he’s fat and healthy with a lovely thick coat now!

The dilemma is this… my bedroom used to be Taxi’s domain. He took over when Greebo stopped talking to me for bringing Taxi home.

Greebo now sleeps with Damien and avoids my room like there’s citronella in there.

Grampa Scratchy doesn’t seem too fond of Taxi or Greebo and rumbles and growls and hisses as soon as one of them comes near the room. If taxi comes inside, Grampa Scratchy hides under the chest of drawers (where he is protected on most flanks and can’t really be surprised). When the door’s shut he’s on the bed- if possible on top of my fur throw- which Taxi hates, ever seen a cat change direction in mid-air?

Grampa Scratchy is my cuddle cat. He purrs and kneads and loves to be held and loved and brushed and cuddled whereas Greebo and Taxi don’t like to be held at all.

Taxi has spent the last six months sneaking into the room to give the ol’ man a hard time at every opportunity! He has even mastered the art of stalking in without his bell making a sound (none of them go outside- and they’ve all got reflective collars WITH bells on so I don’t fall over them in the dark)! I even thought Taxi’d lost his bell- it used to be the ol’ mans early warning system so he could get under the drawers in time.

Then I started shutting my bedroom door every other night so the ol’ man could have some peace- and Taxi would jump up and hit the beaded key ring hanging outside the door till I opened it. I moved the key ring and then he started scratching and mewling to come in (he doesn’t have much of a voice) until I opened the door.

Now he’s learned to jump up and open the door!

I nearly had a heart attack! Do you have any idea what a noise it is- at one o’ clock in the morning, when you’re out of REM sleep already- and the door handle is yanked and let go so that its spring action puts it back in the horizontal position!

So no more peace for the old man I am afraid… I wonder if they’ll ever get along!?!?!

*P.G. Wodehouse

4 thoughts on “The Trouble With Cats Is That They’ve Got No Tact*

  1. It would be weird if one day cats suddenly started barking and dogs started meowing.
    They’d have to work together to act as guards- “hey, you bark and I’ll bite”, ya know?

  2. Open the door!?
    That is like the Raptors in Jurassic Park!
    Cats aren’t team players like Dogs..well Lions live in prides but they fight all of the time and the males have a very brief tenure as sperm donors, layabout sovereigns and Hyaena killers.
    I like cuddly cats but I don’t understand the attraction of having pets that tolerate it the challenge?

  3. katy katy katy: i sure hope so… i thought they would have been able to tolerate each other loooong ago!

  4. I am sure they will get along eventually. Hey my cats and dogs get along just fine. It just takes time

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