Coffee With sister B…

On Sunday after church, Damien and I headed for Sister B’s for tea. We chatted while Sister B made flapjacks, and then we headed for da Bruvva’s place to say howzit. After that, we went to Mugg & Bean for coffee (Wimpy was already closed). I ordered a mocha coffee, Damien and nephew D each ordered a caramel flavoured latte and Sister B a cappuccino. I also ordered a slice of lemon meringue and Sister B a slice of rich chocolate cake. Knowing the size of their portions we intended sharing- but took more than half of each of our slices home. Nephew D was a real card and spoke English all day (he usually speaks Afrikaans at home) and he said some very funny things! Then Damien and I stayed at Sister B’s for supper, eventually making our way home in time to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on TV.
Exciting day and a half eh??!? It was a long lazy weekend after all…

I told you Mugg & Bean’s portions were big!

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  1. Tom Cat says:

    Mugg & Bean’s portions ARE huge hey. although you know you can get half-slices for R9.90? It’s scary that I know this, but when you worked in a mall where the only decent food came from a Mugg & Bean (Killarney), you sorta learnt Mugg & Bean’s menu off by heart. hehe