Insurance VS Christianity.

So, um, am I still a good Christian if I take out insurance of any kind?

I honestly never realised it (I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes)- but this can become quite a heated debate- and one I’ve so far avoided having with anyone. I never really even thought of the two words slash concepts together in the same sentence. . . I always figured it was part of growing up and becoming independent to take out insurance. And just to clarify (before I continue), I do have insurance; car, household and life, as well as a retirement annuity.

Our church rector said once that it was like saving money for someone else to enjoy- and maybe it is (he wasn’t saying it was wrong- it just came up in his sermon). But should something happen to me, I am at least a little secure in the knowledge that Damien will be taken care of when I’m gone. He won’t be wealthy- but he’ll be looked after. He’ll be able to go to school, maybe buy a little second hand car or something.

It turns out that there are many, many Christians who are of the view that being a Christian means trusting God implicitly. It means trusting Him to look after you. It means trusting Him to such an extent that you believe He will replace whatever you may lose and He will protect you so you don’t “lose” at all. To these Christians, this means that insuring your possessions implies that you are materialistic and don’t trust God to look after you and yours. Maybe I have misunderstood what I have heard and I don’t want you to misunderstand me- I’m not saying that such strong belief is wrong- it just doesn’t entirely make sense to me.

I mean- I fully understand trusting God, and I do trust Him to look after me and look after Damien and look after my friends and family. I pray every day for him to keep Damien safe at school and on his way to school and home again and to keep my friends and family safe whatever they might be doing. But my understanding is that God expects us to look after ourselves too. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you can be careless or irresponsible.

My brain (NB: MY brain and MY opinion) argues it like this- not taking out insurance because you’re a Christian is like, um, spending and living beyond your means and getting yourself into debt because you believe God will help get you out of it. It’s like going away for a weekend and not buying groceries because you trust God to feed you.

Does the way I see it make sense?

I really don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes- but at the same time, I don’t think it’s very Christian to point fingers at people who do have insurance because you believe this implies I don’t trust in my Lord enough.

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  1. Perhaps what’s more to the point is the recent conversion of many mutual insurance associations into commercial companies. The Old Mutual still has the chutzpah to call itself that, when a more honest description would be the New Commercial.

    The book of Acts in various places describes the Jerusalem church as having a common fund to help needy members. Mutual assistance was common, and a mutual insurance societ is just an organised way of doing it. But doing it so that external shareholders can make a profit is something else again.

  2. I suspect the real reason for discouraging insurance is to encourage the paying of tithes, much like priests of some faiths are disallowed from marriage- if they married, their ‘wealth’ would leave the Church and be distributed amongst their heirs. It has nothing to do with spirituality or morality- all about the money.
    (Thanks for the kindness, BTW)

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  4. Well this is the first time I’ve ever heard about insurance having anything to do with Faith. The first thing that sprang to my mind was the “God helps those who help themselves” quote mentioned by Katt. Not to offend anyone, but I don’t agree with this argument AT ALL. Not taking out insurance – especially in SA! – is simply irresponsible. It makes no sense at all to consciously put yourself and your loved ones in a problem situation and then expect God to intervene – that’s like sitting back and saying, “OK, where’s my miracle? I want it now!”
    Surely Faith is about not putting God to the test in that way..?

  5. hey i tagged you.

    as for the insurance thing – I thing I don’t think it makes anyone a lesser person just to be prepared. Besides if god is behind everything wouldn’t he been the one that started the whole insurance thing?

  6. It is a very personal thing that you are touching on here indeed. Our Pastor at church has often said there is nothing wrong with taking out life insurance. He says that many people rely more on that lfe insurance etc than they do on the Lord though. You see, God does look after us and ensures that my family will never go without – even though we don’t have enough money always to last us till the end of the month, I have no fear that He will provide. And my children will never go hungry or without whatever they need.

    Anyone who can reach the point in their faith and ministry where they no longer need to work for a boss but for God and who know without a doubt that their families will be provided for and looked after no matter what is truly wonderful. But no one has the right to say that taking out a policy is an act of “no faith”. Faith has many different levels and as you grow you learn. I know that NOTHING is too dificult or impossible for Him – but that is still head knowledge and has not yet become heart knowledge. The Bible does say that He will supply all our needs – but it goes hand in hand with giving and tithing. You have to give, to recieve. Do see what I am saying?
    But like I sid – a very personal matter. And one should not judge, lest he be judged, or measure lest he be measure for in whatever way you have judged you will be judged and in which ever way you have measured, you will be measured.

    Make sure that you are doing Gods will in YOUR life where YOU are at this point in time of you faith walk and let others do what they feel is right for them. We are not all on the same level.

    Good post!!

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  7. See this, I don’t get. If you are a Christian is your life just going to be roses and harp music? I believe that being a Christian is trusting God. Trusting that their is a life hereafter. That God exist. NOT that you will never have any harm cross your roads

  8. And a few biblical quotes spring to mind:

    “Be in the world, not of the world.” The way I understand it is you are supposed to live in the world you are given and utilise the means given to you but be an example and not fall prey to the wrong ways of life.

    “God helps those who helps themselves” which many people interpret as a go ahead to shoplift. But, surely this means that God will look after you if you pull your finger out your bum?

    In MY opinion that is.

    I am reminded of a joke I heard a while back about a guy who was in dire financial straits and he prayed and begged the Lord to let him win the lottery. To cut a long story short, he lost his house, he lost his business, he lost his wife. In anguish he asked why had God done this to him when a voice boomed and said “Meet me half way, buy a lottery ticket!”

    Okay, so maybe the joke goes against a number of Christian practices but I think it makes the point.

  9. Well, another way to look at it is : would you jeopardise your child’s future in order to stay consistent with your belief system?

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