Sometimes Damien Talks In His Sleep

And occasionally it’s remarkably clear, and if I time it right with juuust the right tone of voice, he’ll answer my questions, but it happens very seldom. Tonight, as I was checking on him before going to bed, my timing was perfect! The following conversation ensued.

Damien: definitely need help. . .
Me (stifling a giggle): why?
Damien: mutter mumble murmur couch…
Me: what?
Damien: can’t hold onto the clown mutter mumble. . .
Me: why not?
Damien (getting irritated- even in his sleep): keeps slipping out of my hand!
Me (pinching my nose closed so as not to burst out laughing): where’s he gone?
Damien: mutter mutter mumble murmur. . .

I go running out the room so I can giggle without worrying him!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Damien Talks In His Sleep

  1. You used to do the same thing to me when I talked in my sleep too, do you remember??

    That’s funny!!

  2. That happened to my brother and his one friend once. We were all camping together and the two of the started talking in their sleep at the same time and were actually answering each other. HONESTLY. It was SO funny. Neither one of them could remember it when they woke up though

  3. I have been known to hold entire conversations in my sleep however I remember nothing in the morning

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