10 thoughts on “Damien and I Got New Glasses!

  1. dino: lol, never a problem for me!

    tom cat: i love them too- i had nice black frames with no lenses in that i wore often before i got my glasses, people don’t even notice!

    cheryl: luckily mine are just for pc work and reading… damien needs his most of the time.

  2. You both look MARVELOUS!!!! Thank God for glasses and contact lenses–I’m blind as a bat,otherwise (as are everyone else in my family too!)

  3. Oooooo I LOVE glasses!! And I love the glasses you two have! The frames are just LOVELY, and they suit you guys really well.

    I’m a fan of the black framed ones in particular.. but alas I don’t really need glasses, so I’m in the habit of buying the fake ones, and stealing other people’s ones and taking photos of myself with them on! hehe

  4. cool glasses I need to get new ones this summer too. have to figure out what frames I’ll like

  5. terri: dashing indeed! and like me he knows what he likes and he knows what suits him, we have no problem picking frames!

    invisible: thank you vis! it was a buy one get one free promo, damien’s other pair is dark.

  6. Oooh very pretty… of course in Damien’s case, pretty doesn’t apply – how ’bout ‘Dashing’?

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