Smacking My Forehead Here!!!

I woke up in an unbelievable funk this morning- which of course rubbed off on Damien and we argued from the moment he opened his eyes!
I reckon he started it- because he can never just say hello, he has to bitch about something from the second he wakes up- and this morning the first words out of his mouth were about me having his phone to wake me up because mine was stolen! And I told him last night that I would be borrowing his phone for a little while, and, and, and…
And then while I was driving him and his lift club buddy to school this morning, I realised I hadn’t taken my happy pills. For over a week!
I just never got around to refilling my prescription!
No wonder I’ve been such a bitch!

8 thoughts on “Smacking My Forehead Here!!!

  1. h.e.: i forgot to refill the script… and me as the grumpy cow is so much my “usual self” from before the happy pills it akes me a while to wake up to the difference!
    well done on the stopping smoking dude, i’m impressed! i switched nicotine for caffeine…

  2. You forgot? Were you irritable everyday or did you just notice?
    I wish I had something constructive to offer but I have been mentally combatting the sudden abscence of Nicotine from my brain (Masochist Special:cold turkey baby!)

    actually it is going really well and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    Turning 50 this year and I can’t afford to mess around with my body anymore DAMNIT!

  3. terri: CHOCOLATE! now why didn’t i think of that!!?!

    spookie: thanx sis- i loved the rugby!

    katy katy katy: i don’t have a spare- and damien is loathe to part with his… now while i wait for the insuranc to replace it i am phone-less and very frustrated! like i’m suddenly short a limb…

    supermom: it can only get better after the way it started!

    allan: due to my happy pill deficiency, a very depressing quote sprang to mind when i read this… “abandon hope all ye who ener here”
    telling innit…

  4. It’s a happy pill kinda day…hoping for improvement soon! No reason, just hoping…must be the pills:)

  5. The week has got to get better right? Here’s to hoping that it will!!

  6. yeah I got those duhhhh moments every so often. OMG I would die if my phone got stolen. It happened to me last year while in Germany luckily i had two phones with me (one with my German sim card and one with my American sim) so I was still able to talk to people and stuff

  7. Ja, chocolate is very good for a funk!!

    The rugby was very exciting!!! I loved rubbing some noses in it too – that was fun.

    And happy blogiversary!!!

  8. That’s such a pain about your celphone being stolen! Go get some happy pills. And chocolate. Chocolate cures all ills 😉

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