Sheesh… Are We All Wearing Blinkers?

I dunno if you saw it- but Kevin Spacey played the part of Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint in the brilliant movie The Usual Suspects, and one of the things he said in the movie has ALWAYS stuck in my head as being frighteningly true…
“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”
Here’s another example of just how successful Satan is here on earth. Are they serious? What on earth is this world coming to bunnies!!?!

6 thoughts on “Sheesh… Are We All Wearing Blinkers?

  1. I so admire you Angel! I know you have strong beliefs, and yet I’ve also come to know that you are completely open to hearing differing or even opposing views. Open – but without judgment and without weakness. Shows you are willing to at least hear and try to understand those differing views. A very rare and precious gift you have there, Angel! Truly!

    I’ll withhold sharing here my views on religion or the lack thereof as my views aren’t really important. What I will share, however, is that I truly believe (as do you) that statement from the movie is oh so very important and poignant. And also that not many folks caught it or its true impact!

  2. w.w.: you haven’t offended me at all dude, thats the wonderful thing about blogging- and i reckon if you wanna blog you gotta be able to give and take.
    and you’re quite right, “religion” is indeed man made… but my reading the rock-against-religion article as a christian just rang a different set of warning bells for me than for other people i spose.
    and of course its because it causes tension that i usually DON’T blog about religion or politics, teehee.

  3. Umm, Angel, I don’t know if you want to hear this…and it’s a huge question, religion.

    But in a sense, I agree with these bands. Religion IS the cause of so many wars, including the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Religion, I believe, is not a bad thing by itself. The belief in a higher power.

    But there’s more than one. And all those religions believe all the other religions are evil and wrong.

    And so they fight, all the time, for their religious beliefs.

    The other thing about religion is that it’s man-made, thought up by us. The churches are built by us, the commandments, the Far Right in the U.S….it’s all man-made.

    If everybody just left everybody else alone and believed in what they believed in, without trying to say I’m right and you’re wrong, it wouldn’t be the issue it is.

    But they don’t.

    I hope I haven’t offended you.

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