All Indications So Far…

Are that “the dish” is in fact NOT interested.

Seems I was delusional after all . . . oh well, it was fun while it lasted . . . sort of. I actually intensely dislike the whole butterflies-in-the-tummy-does-he-doesn’t-he-is-he-isn’t-he sensation. I like to discuss things and set rules up front and get it over with. It’s so much easier than the whole wait and see thing and it’s less stressful.

I think it’s going to take a while to convince the bloody adolescent living in my brain of this fact- you know the one that tries to take over when hormonal-emotional-male-related issues crop up?

And I’m quite disappointed in myself in that as disinterested as I convince myself I am when it comes to relationships, I turn into a giggling lump of mush if ANYONE seemingly pays me some attention. S’pose it’s bound to happen after six years of “singleness”.

But how annoying is that!!!

8 thoughts on “All Indications So Far…

  1. I’m with you on not liking the butterflies thing – I don’t get all this hiding of emotions some times. TELL people if you like them lol Sorry it didn’t work out though

  2. katy katy katy: i haven’t totally decided whether i’m sorry or not!

    phats: teehee- you know someone willing to fly out here?

  3. mel: i’m SO not glad for the butterflies… i try to avoid them! my mommy darling is amazing and i couldn’t have made it through without her!

    allan: aaah, us suckers need to stick together eh!!?!
    my word verification seemed appropriate too “xdopusa”!!!

  4. Heh, I know the feeling…all it takes is a kind word or two and I’m done for…pathetic, eh?
    On the reverse, the slightest snub feels like a blow to the base of my skull.

    Annoying? I’ll save that epithet for “zgmaxvby” (my word verif)

  5. Sorry about the dish but glad you had the tummy butterflies and all that fun pre-dating stuff. Your mom’s letter is so amazing. She really sounds like an awesome granny and being the proud owner of another wonderful granny, I know what a blessing that is. I wish I had my mom at Daniel’s birth instead of an undeserving father who left him anyway. U r a lucky girly!

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