I Am In The Grip

…of a relatively mild rejection depression- I’m feeling a bit blue- which is a little weird since I wasn’t actually rejected… the dish from last weekend was a “proximity infatuation” (as Brian says in “Vanilla Sky“). I was seeing things that weren’t there, yet I am down in the dumps a bit because nothing happened!!!

9 thoughts on “I Am In The Grip

  1. h.e.: been there, done that, wrote the blog…
    anyhoo, i watched the movie just the other day coz there was nothing else on- thats why i remembered the quote, it was fresh!
    any which way you handle it is complicated because humans can’t switch off their emotions…

  2. First of all I have never heard anyone quote from Vanilla Sky..you must have read the book because the movie was quite forgettable.
    Cameron did make an impression because the concept of f*** buddies or friends with benefits is quite popular with younger people today.

    I find it interesting that the next generation is contemplating the abandonment of pair bonding because it has such a dreadful history of failure in modern society.

    On the one hand all of the disastrous gutwrenching heartbreak that we all experience during our teen years will supoposedly be avoided by adopting a fwb program but how well will it work when you want to have a family? We’ll find out soon enough…I imagine that you just pick out yer fave gene pool ‘package’ and go for it.

  3. rrramone: fantabulous advice dude!

    mel: ooh- blaming pms would be so easy… ‘cept the timing is all wrong!

    wenchy: thanx wenchy- i do love your flickr account!

    brigitte- who used to be spookie: you feeling beter!?!

    katy katy katy: you said it babe!

    allan: hallucinations of love… i love that, gotta remember it!

  4. Hallucinations of love..This is a chronic condition for me. If I find a cure, I’ll let you know.

  5. Hey babe.

    Really enjoyed your pictures. Damian looks so grown up from when I saw him last!

  6. I hate the what goes up must come down theory but it is unfortunately true. Maybe you PMS? I blame all lifes woes on PMS, MS and post MS.
    Sorry u feel poop.

  7. I hear you. Take some deep breaths and realize that you are your own most important relationship. 🙂

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