Fresh Supplements!!

The Football Peong does a list like this when he adds anyone to his link list- and I think it’s a very cool idea! So, if you haven’t already done so, go have a squizz* at these!
=> First- So you think you have a lot on your plate!!?! Go and visit Craig over at Special Kids. Not only is he one very brave dad- but he’s a Pterry fan too! Then when you’re done, come back and tell me life is tough… and yes, I am indeed counting my blessings!!!
=> Next up is two bloggers- calling themselves Juno & Muriel- writing together on a blog called Salmagundi. Addressing current affairs and infomercials, they’re intelligent and entertaining!
=> And last but definitely no least- Kak Funny. Right, um… okay- any South African reading this knows exactly what that word “kak” and what that phrase means- but how to explain to the rest of you… maybe you can have a look here for a definition… basically- the blog is a few of South Africa’s most entertaining bloggers- writing funny stuff, all in one place! Ingenious!
And how cool is that- all three of my new links are South African sites!!!

*definition-less South Africanism

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4 Responses to Fresh Supplements!!

  1. angel says:

    muriel: i saw it- looks yummy!

    dawn: MWA!

    katy katy katy: whadiduthink?

  2. Dino aka Katy says:

    yeah new blogs to read. let me go check them out

  3. Dawn says:

    Hello Budvorini – When I have adequately caught up on reading all the recent articles of yours that I have missed, I will go visit some of these. Loved the news of your family. Sounds like the middle names of all of you should be ‘Angel’. Indeed a huge shout out for Sister C – awesome achievement. We also celebrated Dad’s Day on the 17th. I must also admit, I think I am not a Brad Pitt fan until I see him on the screen – the man is a sizzler, for sure. Hope to see you on line very soon. Lots of love and Hugs xxooxx
    oh and by the way – I hear you totally on the Father’s Day thing ~ but I guarantee you Damien would insist you make the perfect parent that anyone could wish for! Love You.

  4. Muriel says:

    Hey Angel, thanks for the punt. Juno has also started a lekka recipes blog (see salmagundi for details).