Hoo Boy…

I am so not popular with Damien this week… and probably won’t be with a lot of people after this.
There was a program on TV the other night, a current events thing that I didn’t see, about the trade in dog and cat fur. Seems it’s used for everything from coats to toys. It’s caused a huge outcry and there have been calls to ban the trade in this fur. You can read more about it here, here, here and here if you’d like to. A large part of the issue is that in the western world, dogs and cats are part of the family- they’re beloved pets- and what happens is that these same animals we adore and anthropomorphize everyday (like I do to my three furry masters- Greebo, Taxi and Grampa Scratchy) are kept in small cages and are not at all loved… then they’re slaughtered and skinned. Much like the highly unpopular fur trade does to minks, stoats, rabbits and foxes… to name but a few.
I have mentioned a couple of times that one day when my furry masters are gone to the big litter box in the sky- I would like to make something with their fur, like a cushion or a hat or something… I have always loved fur, and I see this as a way of keeping them with me when they’re gone.
So why am I unpopular?
Well… when we heard the DJ and several callers on the radio giving their opinions on the subject, I told Damien I thought maybe legalising the trade in this fur and controlling it, would help institutions like the SPCA make some money since they never have enough. I mean- they euthanise thousands of animals, and if they can use the fur to support their cause, why not do so? There is obviously a market for this stuff…
Of course, this raises the argument that you will always have illegal trade with people not licensed to do so also slaughtering the dogs and cats… and yes, I fully believe that the manner in which a lot of the animals bred for their fur are kept is cruel and should be controlled; and I SO do not agree with the trade in endangered species. But my argument is this- if you do not agree with what’s going on- then do something about it! Either control the trade and use the money for a worthy cause- or bloody well go and adopt some of the dogs or cats at your local SPCA to save them dying. And for Christmas’ sake people- have your pets sterilised!!!

6 thoughts on “Hoo Boy…

  1. I hsve 2 dogs, 4 cats and a dozen chickens. And another 2 cats, killed in the road by too-fast drivers, who are buried under olive trees in my garden. But now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have made something gorgeously furry out of their remains. I still kind of think, though, that what makes my furry-purries and barking lovelies so wonderful is their spirit spark. Their fur wouldn’t be the same without them in it? The concept of legalising the fur trade is similar to that of legalising ivory. It’s fraught.

  2. brigitte who was spookie: i dunno what i’d do without my furbabies…

    anonnee mouse: glad you agree

    katy katy katy: ditto.

    allan: i didn’t actually think about what happens to the rest- but i’m sure the zoos could do with feed for their carnivores.
    my furbabies weigh in at 5 kilos each…

  3. What happens to the rest of the animal? Recent events have caused me to scrutinize the labels on my cat food, looking for Chinese ‘wheat gluten’…I see things like “animal meal” (ground cat?), “animal digest” ( cat poop?) and the ambiguous “animal by-product” .
    Are my kitties cannibals?

    24 cats required to make a coat? I’ll be lucky to get a pair of gloves out of mine…*sigh*

  4. I think instead of wasting the fur yeah that would work but I wouldn’t want animals be killed to get it.

  5. I think that’s a great idea. I have worked at the SPCA and if the fur could be used to subsidize other animals more animals could be kept alive for longer. It’s a case of a few sacrificing for the greater good of many. Yes it would have to be tightly monitored and controlled.

  6. I have no problem with the fur of euthanised pets being used. I don’t like th idea of them being bred purely for this purpose, no. And if people will be kind enough to “donate” their pets once they pass away, that could also be a good thing. If the money is used to better the SPCA etc. I agree with you on this topic. If I could I would have dogs and cats GALORE at home – but I am not allowed to keep pets there, and I don’t want a bird. LOL!!

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