Oh 456…

I just realised that Damien and I leave (with my granny darling) for a long weekend on Thursday morning.
We’ll be back on Sunday night- which means 4 full days with no internet and no email!!!
Sheesh… talk about torture!
I’m going to miss you all terribly bunnies… I’ll be posting tomorrow and wednesday as normal- but then I’ll only be back on Monday!
Does anyone know what what the symptoms of i/net withdrawal are?

4 thoughts on “Oh 456…

  1. I have had those withdrawal symptoms but they were SO bad that I have suppressed them…I just remember that they were bad bad bad

    Have a fun time though!

  2. well I made sure my cell has internet capabilities so I can post from it (which I do often) and check everyones blog and my email so I haven’t had withdrawal in a long time

  3. Yep, David knows what he’s talking about. I’m going to be a little erratic on the blogging side too cos we’re on holiday from Saturday. Lookout SA here I come!!!!!

  4. withdrawal symptoms can include:
    overeating, drinking more coffee, checking your cell phone for missed calls too often, itching, dry skin and sleeplessness.

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