Hello There Bunnies!

My poor sister is terribly frustrated because her “effing laptop” (as she put it) has crashed.


So I am here just to let all you wunnerfool bunnies know that Angel is not going to be able to blog for a few days. Well we hope it’s only a few days. I really hope it is only a few days, can you all imagine Angel with no internet access for longer than a weekend or so…?


The mental picture is not pretty is it?

So please be patient – the usual program on this blog will resume shortly. If there are any further delays I am sure I will be back to let you all know.

So until such time you can unfasten your seatbelts and sit back and sip on your Pepsi – cause this rollercoaster is not going to leave the boarding platform for a few days.
(See the title at the top of the page if you are confused.)

Brigitte (Spookie)


  1. How long still??????????????? I miss you!!!!!!!(hey wanna borrow my laptop?).

  2. I’ll go stretch my arms and legs for a while until the coaster gets going again 🙂

  3. OH MY!! I am so sad Angel. Miss my trek for a giggle … hope things get better soon.

  4. Oh Angel, I hope your laptop is up and running again soon! I know how frustrating that is!!!!
    Talk to ya soon!

  5. Drat – no Angel for awhile? Can’t be. Just can’t be! Thanks Spookie for letting us know. If this drags on (no – no – no – it just can’t!), mayhaps Spookie can “ghost post” for us for a bit? I dunno … I’m babbling … glad to hear from Spookie but can’t imagine no Angel! Babble …. babble …. babble …

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